The most recent State of Social & User-Generated Content 2023 report states that Consumers rank authentic UGC as the most trustworthy content.

So how are brands maximizing UGC in this age? Oh well, there's a brand crushing it out there and helping other brands make it in the market. Yes!


Archive is how fast-growing brands find their best UGC. It is the content goldmine you need, a tool that automatically detects and displays the social media posts your brand is tagged in. So you can find your best UGC and say goodbye to the daily scroll.

In this company profile, we’ll explore the unique features of Archive, the company's brand story, marketing strategy, and mission. We will also cover the lessons entrepreneurs can learn from Archive's fast rise in the e-commerce marketplace.

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Year founded2021
FoundersPaul Benigeri, Geoffrey Woo
Valuation$100 million
IndustryContent marketing, e-commerce

What is Archive?

Archive is a technology company that builds digital community marketing infrastructure and automation for e-commerce merchants. 

Archive displays all your brand-tagged posts from Instagram and TikTok, all in one place. Then you can filter by:

  • Metrics
  • Data ranges
  • Source and type of content

Who founded Archive?

Paul Benigeri, a Stanford degree holder, and Geoffrey Woo co-founded Archive.

Paul serves as CEO, and Geoffrey is Chairman of Archive.

What is the Archive origin story?

Archive was founded in March 2021 to solve digital marketers' problems.

Paul Benigeri, Geoffrey Woo, and the rest of the team had a vision of helping brands build in-house communities and harness the latent excitement and output of their communities.

They are pioneering a new category of marketing termed “community marketing” to drive serious marketing efforts for brands in this increasingly crowded marketplace.

How was it funded?

On June 1, 2023, Archive announced a new $4MM seed round led by Stripe, Lux Capital, Sugar Capital, Eric Glyman, Andrew Jones, Clement Delangue, Greg Sewitz, JD Ross, and other e-commerce and marketing technology founders and executives to pioneer community marketing for e-commerce.

It seems to be raining huge capital at Archive this month as they also announced a fresh $8M Seed-2 round led by Tiger Global and Human Capital, with participation from Battery Ventures, Anti Fund, Red Antler, and dozens of other executives across e-commerce and tech space including Brex COO, Michael Tannenbaum.

They now have a total funding of over $12M.

What made Archive grow?

They are still growing. With the new capital, they will accelerate their mission to empower every e-commerce merchant — from startups to household names — to harness their community and grow faster and more efficiently.

It's appropriate to state that in less than a year of Archive's establishment, they've become one of the fastest-growing e-commerce enablement startups in history, and they achieved the #1 trending app in the Shopify store.


What is Archive's valuation?

In 2022, Archive’s valuation was $100 million.

What are Archive's products?

Archive has two major products:

  • Archive App: the only Shopify app that automatically detects & saves Instagram posts, stories, and reels that brands get tagged in. This app helps streamline the process of curating UGC in an automated approach.
  • Archive Communities: A software platform that enables brands to build and scale in-house communities. 

According to the Archive team, Archive App will also have a lot of added features being built out this year, including machine learning-powered labeling, automatic content rights acquisition, and more. We’re already alpha-testing TikTok integration with customers, and we’ll be building integrations with every platform your customers and communities are on.

How is Archive helping other brands in the e-commerce space?

Archive's Shoppable UGC Feed helped HVMN showcase their best content on their e-commerce site and increase conversion by 17%.

Archive Helped She's Birdie slash over $10k/month in content creation costs.

What lessons can entrepreneurs learn from Archive's brand story?

There are so many lessons entrepreneurs and brand founders can learn from the rise of Archive

Take Community marketing seriously

Geoffrey Woo, Archive's co-founder, and Chairman, says: “Community building is the new marketing."

In a recent Landmark study, Vesta, a Big Online Brand Community Study, found out that 37% of consumers say they anticipate their participation in online communities to increase. 

You see, “Community-building meets the needs of the moment, but you must deliver online community marketing with value, engagement, and connection." says Susan Frech, CEO of Vesta.

All entrepreneurs, especially those in the SaaS niche, must take Community building seriously to thrive well in the market. 

Leverage social media 

Unless you live under a rock, you need not be told that Social media is a gold mine for companies to leverage to build their brand. Archive currently has almost a thousand followers on LinkedIn, and they are leveraging the platform to distribute their content. 

Find a gap in the market

Archive has spotted a gap in the market, and what is it?  Brands find it difficult to collate all their tags and UGC on social media.

Their idea: Automate the process, get an app, and help these brands build communities.

So what next for you as an entrepreneur? Go Out there, research,  find a gap, ideate, and collaborate with your entrepreneur friends; you'd surely find an answer to the troubling problems of your target audience.


Businesses of every size—from new startups to household brands—now use Archive's software to make digital marketing more cost-effective.

They've succeeded in filling the gap in the e-commerce and marketing space by automating key community marketing and content marketing processes. 

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