There are plenty of traditional long-term investment opportunities out there, but where do you look for something different? Is it possible to invest without paying the fees for an active manager?

Global X Funds has a solution which allows you to personally track your investments using Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). It is the latest technology within asset management.

In this episode of Capital Gains, we talk to Jay Jacobs, Global X Funds’ Director of Research.

He tells us how picking an asset class isn’t the only option you have as an investor. They look at themes and trends, diversify the pool your investment goes into, and generate a huge profit for you.

Their approach throws out the rigid grid of asset classes and looks at what themes will be disrupting the economy over the next couple of decades.

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Key takeaways:

  • Exchange traded funds - the latest technology within asset management
  • Investing in themes based on demographics
  • How analyzing data can predict future profit

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