Beauty products have become essential for skincare treatment and management. The comfort and skin-friendliness the products provide make them must-haves and prominent brands aim to offer such luxuries. One of such enterprises is Beautycounter and its array of skincare cosmetics that protect and provide its users with quality service. The article below highlights the company’s creation, products, and values.

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Valuation$1 billion
Founded by:Gregg Renfrew
Country of Origin: United States of America
Products:Skincare Products

What is Beautycounter? 

Beautycounter is an American cosmetics line under Counter Brand, LLC. The brand was established in 2013 by Gregg Renfrew to produce safe beauty care products. The franchise received funding for its operations from Baron Davis, an entrepreneur and Pilot, a venture capitalist firm. Renfrew founded the brand to create safer beauty products for customers and offer an assurance of safety, quality, and environmental friendliness compared to cosmetics that inconvenienced users. 

The brand produces several skincare, makeup, and bath items such as mascaras, lipsticks, serums, moisturizers, beauty sets, hair and hand care, and masks. Beautycounter has a subscription channel that offers members benefits and discounts and an advocator membership. The franchise also developed an extensive list of harmful ingredients not included in its products. In 2016, Beautycounter acquired another cosmetic brand NUDE Skincare and received funding from acclaimed singer Bono and his wife, Ali Hewson

Throughout Beautycounter’s endeavors, the brand received more resources, established several outlets across the United States, and sold its products through Ulta Beauty outfits. By 2021, the enterprise had a $1 billion valuation and partnered with the equity and investment firm, The Carlyle Group. Beautycounter received certifications from several organizations, including B Corporation, Leaping Bunny, Chemical Footprint Project, and Environmental Working Group (EWG)

Beautycounter’s current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Marc Rey who took over from Gregg Renfrew in 2022.

Who founded Beautycounter? 

Gregg Renfrew is an American businesswoman who founded the cosmetics line Beautycounter in 2013. She created the enterprise to provide clean, eco-friendly, and skin-friendly beauty products and revolutionize the cosmetics industry. Before launching the beauty brand, Renfrew established the Wedding List company in 1997, which Martha Stewart bought in 2001. She became a retail consultant and worked for notable brands such as J. Crew, Intermix, and the Honest Company. In 2011, Renfrew developed the idea of Beautycounter, focusing on safe skincare products for women and families, launching the franchise in 2013. Her endeavors earned her recognition from Goldman Sachs as an intriguing entrepreneur in 2018.

Renfrew served as Beautycounter’s CEO till February 2022, when she stepped down and became the label’s executive chair member and brand manager.

What is its origin story? 

Beautycounter is a cosmetic brand in the United States of America, founded by Gregg Renfrew in 2013. The franchise came from a goal by Renfrew to create safe and environmentally friendly makeup and skincare cosmetics while using carefully selected ingredients for the products. Beautycounter received an estimated $93.9 million in investment funds, with a latest funding of $65 million in 2018.  The brand incorporates a list of over 2800 harmful components to never use in its cosmetic goods as a guarantee to its customers.

How was it funded? 

The Beautycounter brand received capital funding from investors between 2012 and 2018. These allocations came to an estimated total of $93.9 million, and their sources include:

What is its valuation? 

After its partnership and significant stakes acquisition by the Carlyle Group private equity firm in 2021, Beautycounter had an estimated net value of $1 billion.

What made Beautycounter grow? 

The Beautycounter cosmetic brand expanded from its endeavors to ensure its products' sustainability, eco-friendliness, and skin safety. The franchise’s transparency and certification of its products and process became a trust magnet for customers. Its subscription and advocacy membership with client benefits encourages new customers to join the goal of creating a safer and cleaner skincare industry.

What lessons can entrepreneurs learn from this brand? 

Beautycounter has a mission to provide safe and affordable cosmetics and uses skin-friendly ingredients in its products for its users. Brilliant tips entrepreneurs can learn from this brand and employ in their business include:

  • Look Out for Your Customers: The franchise's primary goal is to provide quality and tender skin products for their clientele’s benefit and develop a standard of these products.
  • Center Your Products around Value: One of the ways Beautycounter grew as a brand was its emphasis on value. The business aimed to create safer products and build a clean conscious beauty industry for customers.
  • Safety First: Beautycounter takes well-being seriously and avoids any ingredient harmful to its customers.
  • Keep Your Products Environmentally Friendly: Being a cosmetic brand, Beautycounter aims to produce skincare products and environmentally safe items.
  • Be Transparent with Your Customers: The brand makes known its research on harmful cosmetic ingredients, standard codes, quality assurance, packaging, and certifications.
  • Giving Beyond the Scope: The beauty franchise does more than produce cosmetic goods; it gives back to society by working with organizations that share similar goals.


What is Beautycounter? 

Beautycounter is an American skincare product brand that offers an assortment of cosmetic items and a customer subscription base. Founded in 2013 by Gregg Renfrew, Beautycounter became a pioneer enterprise in producing skin-friendly beauty items for customers and promoting a sustainable and clean cosmetic market. The franchise has a wide reach across the United States and supplies various skincare, make-up and bath products with subscription and promoters membership programs.

What products does Beautycounter offer? 

The cosmetic enterprise proffers an array of beauty products, including the following:

The brand has several best-sellers, which include:

What is the Beautycounter customer service like? 

The Beautycounter products received stellar reviews from its customers, but its customer care remains a hub for the most complaints on faulty products and refunds on items purchased. However, the customer care team often responds to the inquiries made by their users and provides the appropriate solutions based on the company’s policies.

Is Beautycounter available at any retailers? 

Beautycounter cosmetic products are available at Ulta Beauty stores across the United States, Nantucket, Prince Street outlet, and the Free Market in Denver.

Is Beautycounter a multi-level marketing company? 

The Beautycounter enterprise has some of its activities in the form of multi-level marketing, including its brand advocacy program. As an advocate of the brand, supporters join the company for a fee, get trained by a mentor, and create an affiliate base where they earn as new customers buy through their supply link. After partnering with Ulta Beauty and expanding its retail exposure, Beautycounter established a community of representatives who sell and create awareness for their product, with over 45,000 advocates across the United States and Canada.

What is the Beautycounter return policy? 

The skincare franchise has a 60-day return policy on most of its products, and this comprises:

  • Returning purchase funds on the complete returned products, excluding shipping and handling fees
  • Non-exchange of products
  • Replacing goods damaged in transit within seven days of receipt.

However, the policy and its conditions do not cover the following items:

  • Products specially marked on Beautycounter for Final Sale or designated as non-refundable
  • Apparel and merchandise such as sweatshirts and water bottles
  • All Brand Advocate business aids
  • Band of Beauty Enrollment Fees
  • Free Host rewards


Beautycounter is a prolific company whose goal includes impacting the lives of its customers and the cosmetic industry at large. Its natural products, membership subscription, and transparent operations ensure its users get eco-friendly and skin-friendly products.

As a leader in clean beauty, Beautycounter's commitment to transparency, sustainability, and safer products fuels entrepreneurial aspirations. Joining the Beautycounter community equips entrepreneurs with the knowledge to prioritize consumer health, engage in meaningful conversations, and advocate for industry reform. This brand's success story ignites the entrepreneurial fire, showcasing the transformative power of profitability and social responsibility in business.

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