Welcome back to the Capital Gains podcast. Today’s guest is Angela Lee, and we're talking about women angel investors.

Angela teaches leadership, strategy and entrepreneurship as the associate dean and chief innovation officer at the Columbia Business School here in New York City. She was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of Six Innovative Women in 2015.

Angela is also the founder of 37 Angels, an angel investing network that trains women to invest in technology startups.

As she discusses in our interview, Angela founded 37 Angels because the other women led Angel networks focused only on women led startups.

In this episode, Angela describes how 37 Angels sorts its way through 2,000 deals a year to get to the 10 it will actually invest in, whether angel investors are influenced by who brought them the deal, and which deals have been her biggest wins and toughest losses.

If you’re interested enough in learning about angel investing to invest money in your own education, then I strongly recommend checking out their month long investor boot camps offered by 37 Angels.

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