What’s the story behind the Carpe brand and its success? This blog post will delve into every aspect of this well-known underarm care company. 

From what sets it apart from other antiperspirants and deodorants on the market to how it got funded and grew, this case study has it all. Plus, a few takeaways that’ll make you a smarter brand builder, too.

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What is Carpe?

It is an antiperspirant and deodorant brand that protects you from wetness, body odor, and skin irritation. It contains Aluminum Chlorohydrate and other ingredients that are clinically proven to reduce sweat without the use of harsh chemicals or fragrances.

Who is the founder of Carpe?

Kasper Kubica and David Spratte founded the brand. When they met in college, the two bonded over their sweaty hands and decided to create a product that gives sweaty people the confidence that comes from being dry and clean. With this mission, Carpe was born.

What is Carpe's origin story?

Kasper Kubica and David Spratte first had the idea for this brand after they both experienced hyperhidrosis. They noticed that no products on the market would genuinely tackle their excessive sweating, so they decided to team up and create one.

With an estimated 2-5% of the US population suffering from hyperhidrosis, Kasper and David saw an opportunity to provide a solution for those suffering from excessive sweating. They focused on creating a product that would reduce sweat and inspire confidence in its users.

After extensive research and development, Carpe was born. The revolutionary antiperspirant and deodorant brand uses a unique blend of clinically proven ingredients to reduce sweat and protect against wetness, body odor, and skin irritation.

Today, it has become one of the most popular antiperspirant and deodorant brands on the market, providing long-lasting protection and confidence to its users.

How was this startup funded?

The founders, Kasper Kubica and David Spratte self-funded initially. Later, the startup received a significant boost from UNC-Chapel Hill's Carolina Angel Network (CAN). CAN is an official angel investor network that connects accredited investors who are alumni or friends of the University to UNC-affiliated startups.

Since founding in November 2016 through January 2019, CAN has invested $5.2 million in 13 companies, including Carpe. This investment allowed Carpe to expand its reach and provide an even better product to its customers while continuing to grow.

Kasper and David have always been extremely grateful for the support they've received from CAN. It's allowed them to make Carpe a more successful company and reach more people who need their product.

Today, Carpe continues to grow and is one of the top underarm care brands for anyone looking for an effective antiperspirant and deodorant. With a goal to help those suffering from excessive sweating, Kasper and David have made that mission a reality.

How did Carpe grow?

Carpe has proliferated over the years thanks to a combination of factors. First, Carpe's unique blend of ingredients is clinically proven to reduce sweat without harsh chemicals or fragrances, providing long-lasting protection against wetness, body odor, and skin irritations.

Satisfied users will be happy with their purchase and more likely to recommend the product. Carpe has also grown through word-of-mouth by connecting with influencers in the sweat community. This helps to spread awareness of their products and encourages others to share their stories about using Carpe.

Finally, there's been a large amount of investment from outside sources such as the Carolina Angel Network (CAN), which has helped to propel Carpe to greater heights. With this support, Carpe has expanded its reach and further developed its product line.

Today, Carpe continues to grow and is one of the top underarm care brands for anyone looking for an effective antiperspirant and deodorant. Carpe has evolved from a bit of a startup to one of the most successful antiperspirant and deodorant brands on the market.

What is Carpe worth?

Carpe is a privately-held company. Its exact worth is not publicly known. However, the brand has estimated annual sales over $5 million, making it one of the most successful antiperspirant brands in the world.

What lessons can entrepreneurs learn from Carpe?

Carpe's story is an excellent example of how entrepreneurs can turn an idea into a successful business. From humble beginnings, Carpe has outperformed the market and grown to become one of the most successful antiperspirant brands in the world. Entrepreneurs can learn several valuable lessons from their success:

Find a problem and solve it: Carpe began by identifying a need in the market – an effective solution for excessive sweating – and then developed its product to meet that need.

Invest in research and development: By investing in research and development, Carpe ensured its product was the best it could be.

Build relationships: Through word-of-mouth marketing and working with influencers, Carpe has built relationships with customers that have helped them grow.

Be bold and try new things: Carpe used innovative marketing strategies and unique product designs to stand out.

Focus on customer experience: From attentive customer service to an easy-to-navigate website, Carpe pays close attention to its customer's needs and wants.

By following these lessons, entrepreneurs can build successful businesses like Carpe. The opportunities are infinite with diligence and commitment!


What is Carpe?

Carpe is an antiperspirant and deodorant brand designed to help people with excessive sweating. Carpe's products include powerful active ingredients that provide long-lasting protection against wetness and odor.

What is Carpe's range of products?

Carpe offers various underarm antiperspirants and deodorants in different sizes, scents, and formulas. They also have products for other areas, such as the hands, face, groin, and feet.

How do Carpe's antiperspirant and deodorant work?

The aluminum salt in Carpe's antiperspirant and deodorant interacts with sweat proteins, forming a soft clog in the sweat duct. This enables your skin to breathe while reducing moisture and odor. Carpe's products also include moisturizers that add an added degree of comfort and protection.

What are the active ingredients in Carpe's products?

The active ingredient in Carpe's products is Chlorohydrate at 15%. This aluminum-based compound reduces wetness and odor.

How effective is Carpe's underarm antiperspirant and deodorant?

Carpe has been thoroughly tested and found to be safe for everyday use. Apply Carpe deodorant and antiperspirant every morning and evening for optimum results. You will experience less dampness and odor all day long with regular use.

What scent does Carpe's products have?

Carpe products are naturally unscented, though their natural eucalyptus oil gives off a fresh eucalyptus aroma.

Is Carpe's product suitable for people with sensitive skin?

Carpe's products are gentle and suitable for people with sensitive skin. They pass stringent testing to be deemed safe for regular usage.

Does Carpe offer a money-back guarantee? 

Yes, Carpe offers a lifetime 100% money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your Carpe item(s), they will fully refund your purchase, no questions asked. They have faith in their product and are committed to producing sweat solutions that work for everyone, so they offer this guarantee. 

Can you buy Carpe products online?

Yes, Carpe's products are available to purchase online through mycarpe.com and select retailers.

How can I find out more about Carpe's products?

For more information on Carpe's products, visit https://mycarpe.com/ or contact their customer service team. You can also stay updated by keeping up with them on social media for the most recent news and deals.


Carpe is a groundbreaking antiperspirant and deodorant brand that tackles excessive sweating. Founded by Kasper Kubica and David Spratte, Carpe's unique formula reduces sweat, body odor, and skin irritation. 

Their success stems from influencer partnerships, word-of-mouth marketing, and support from the Carolina Angel Network. Entrepreneurs can learn valuable lessons from Carpe, including identifying market needs, investing in R&D, building customer relationships, embracing innovation, and prioritizing the customer experience.

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