"Some people just settle…and that's something I've never wanted to do." – Cheryl Gallagher-Johnston.

Capitalism.com is thrilled to introduce you to our very first Member of the Month inside The One Percent, Cheryl Gallagher-Johnston. Read about Cheryl's story and entrepreneurship journey. But also note how she shows up in our give-first community. You'll quickly see why Community and Product Manager Justus Murimi chose to shine the spotlight on her. 

Here's how Justus described Cheryl based on the "GIVE" principles he is using for the Member of the Month selection:

G-Grit: She overcame inventory setbacks by introducing new products and not giving up.

I-Investing: She's investing the profits from her sales back into her business. 

V-Value: She's adding value to the community by celebrating others and giving tips.

E-Expanding: Her business is expanding through sales and adding more products. 

Cheryl Gallagher-Johnston

Cheryl birthed the idea for her business, MindsideOut, in 2019. She released her first product after joining the Capitalism Incubator in 2020. Her vision, passion, hard work, and active involvement in The One Percent community have helped her business jump onto the fast track. In fact, she sold out, generating £13K in sales in her first three weeks of business. 

MindsideOut, "Born to Overcome"  

Helping people who struggle with mental health issues to overcome their challenges and live their best lives.

Compelled to Help Others the Way She's Helped Herself 

For as long as Cheryl can remember, she struggled with anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. She remembers feeling hopeless, lacking confidence, and a sense of purpose for her life.

"When I was only 20, it got to a point where I tried to take my own life… a few years later, I tried again," said Cheryl. "I spent so many years going back and forth to my doctor, and all I would ever leave with was another piece of paper with a prescription."

The cycle continued for seven difficult years. 

Cheryl Gallagher-Johnston

Rather than settling for the ineffective solutions that the traditional medical community offered, Cheryl turned to holistic wellness to save herself. She decided if she was going to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life, then she had to make a change, and she had to take control. 

As a result, she dove into personal development, began traveling, and focused on discovering as much as she could about herself. Through her experience of healing and finding hope, she discovered what she calls the "four key pillars of mental health." NERS for short, the pillars include: 

1. Nourishment for mind, body, and soul

2. Exercise

3. Routine

4. Sleep

Once Cheryl realized she didn't have to settle and that there was a better way to live, everything changed. She discovered that her life's purpose was helping others experience it, too. She felt compelled to develop a brand that could help people like her—the overcomers. 

"When you have mental health challenges and refuse to allow them to beat you, you are overcoming. You have to overcome every day, and using wellness is a way to do that," said Cheryl. 

The Business Shift

Cheryl Gallagher-Johnston

Initially, Cheryl wanted to focus her brand on cycling. She'd fallen in love with it during her honeymoon in Bali and experienced mental health benefits from regular rides. But as she moved forward in the business development process, something surprising happened. Cycling was out; NERS was in.

"I realized I had to be okay with letting the business evolve as it should… It went from being a baby to a toddler. Now, it's a completely different thing than I thought it would be." 

Cheryl began choosing products that fit into the four key pillars for mental health. From acupressure mats to CBD coffee, her ultimate goal is connecting people with products to truly help them—not just "nice to have" products. 

Overcoming Business Challenges

Keeping her products in stock has been Cheryl's most significant business challenge so far. The acupressure mats are large, which means the shipping can be costly. She initially ordered 200 units and sold out in three weeks. But then she was stuck waiting for her next shipment to arrive. Her goal is to get the funding in place to make a 5,000 unit order soon. 

In the meantime, she is branching out into new products, including a natural sleep aid that will launch in June 2021. Cheryl uses every penny the business brings in to grow bigger and serve more people. MindsideOut also donates 5% of profits to mental health charities. 

Cheryl Gallagher-Johnston

Cheryl is also a member of the Capitalism Incubator. Cap Inc exists to help its members build seven-figure businesses they can sell. Many begin this twelve-month program with no idea of what they'd like to sell. They soon choose a group of people to serve, creating products that make their people's lives better. Together, the members go through the Growth and Grind phases of building a million-dollar as described in Ryan Daniel Moran's bestselling book, 12 Months to $1 Million. Ultimately, these brand owners may attract acquisition offers from larger companies. 

Cheryl thanks her wife and The One Percent and Capitalism Incubator communities for their support and encouragement. 

"I couldn't do it without the group, learning from incredible people who have been in my position. So many people don't have that support, and it makes all the difference." 

Congratulations, Cheryl Gallagher-Johnston!

We are all rooting hard for you. You can learn more about Cheryl by visiting MindsideOut.