From Denver, Co. — Government should cut regulation and you should start your business.

That's according to Congressmen Ken Buck (R-CO-4) and Jody Hice (R-GA-10), both of whom sat down with contributor Michael McGrady during the 2017 Western Conservative Summit for a candid, honest interview about the government's relationship with the private sector.

In the plethora of topics discussed, both Buck and Hice lauded President Donald Trump's ambition to make the federal government business friendly. Elected officials under the Trump Administration are working to reform our current regulatory environment, they said. Both members of Congress believe they are working to remove red tape and protect free market capitalism to ensure the American entrepreneurial spirit is flourishing.

Because of this, both congressmen tell McGrady that entrepreneurs seeking to start a business should do so because the regulatory environment is being reformed. Both men believe that people who do wish to start their businesses now will benefit greatly from an increasingly pro-small business atmosphere.

Buck told McGrady that one of the main issues preventing growth and the flow of free markets is how large corporations are taking advantage of our country's official export credit agency, the Export-Import (EX-IM) Bank of the United States. Instead, Buck believes that the agency should be refocused toward helping small businesses or be eliminated in its entirety.

Buck and Hice, who are members of the House Freedom Caucus, spoke highly of coming reforms in the tax code and in the regulatory and administrative states so that businesses can have greater access to opportunities that yield market entry.

At the summit, the two congressmen joined other Freedom Caucus members in announcing that they are attempting to push a much-needed vote on the Obamacare repeal in the coming weeks.

The House Freedom Caucus — with their conservative elements in the U.S. Senate like Rand Paul of Kentucky — have worked to prevent current repeal and replace proposals from passing. Some of the main areas of reasoning are that the proposals don't address concerns repealing the entire Affordable Care Act. Rather, they are called "light" repeals that merely amend the law. Instead, the impetus is for a clean repeal so that health care can become competitive, free market-oriented, and not dominated by the government and a few select group of companies.

Buck and Hice have high marks on several libertarian and conservative legislative scorecards. In particular, Buck has a 100 percent with Heritage Action for America. Hice, on the same ranking, has 91 percent.


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