What can you build with $40?

A birdhouse? A potato gun?

How about a $6-billion empire?

Okay, it’s not like we can pull out two Jacksons, rub them together and build a global 10-figure brand.

“People want to win too fast,” Daymond John said in a recent podcast interview. “It’s just not like that. It’s the process that a lot of people are afraid of, but they have to go through the process.”

It’s his adherence to the process that helped Daymond build FUBU into an entrepreneurial empire.

It’s what transformed Daymond into a branding guru sought by entrepreneurs around the globe.

And he’s used his experience as a filter when examining investment opportunities as “The People’s Shark” on the hit ABC show Shark Tank.

More on those investment opportunities later…

So many entrepreneurs start out as young high achievers with dreams of becoming sports legends, rock stars, celebrities.

Then reality hits. Daymond loved basketball, but he was too short to play. He loved hip-hop, but couldn’t sing or dance.

Instead of giving up his dreams, Daymond decided to find a way to connect with and build a business serving his passions. He did it with fashion.

Because Daymond found an audience and way to offer them with exactly what they wanted, he was able to scale his business into a billion-dollar brand.

Since then, Daymond has built a personal net worth of $300 million. He’s scored major hits on Shark Tank, investing in businesses that produced big returns.

Five of his most profitable investments involved paying between $50,000 and $300,000 for large stakes in companies selling sunglasses, ratchet belts, virtual pinball machines (what?) and even a barbecue brand.

The companies Daymond decided to invest in are now making millions of dollars in sales. So how did he know they would be hits?

Daymond has used the secrets behind his FUBU empire to reinvigorate defunct or scale unknown brands into profitability. He built an entire consultancy around his expertise, and entrepreneurs line up to glean some of his wisdom.

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