Investing in property typically means single-family homes, apartments, commercial office space or industrial buildings.

But what about self storage units?

Welcome back to the Capital Gains podcast. Today's guest is Scott Meyers, the owner of Self Storage Investing.

Scott has an amazing story having worked his way up from buying $30,000 houses to bigger multi-family deals, and then into self storage investing.

Scott is now one of the countries leading experts on self storage investments, with a portfolio of more than 4,000 units around the country.

Through Self Storage Investing, Scott sponsors deals for private investors and runs trainings on how to invest in storage units. On the podcast, Scott clears up a lifelong mystery for me: Why there are so many storage facilities out in the countryside where people have big houses, garages and barns for all their stuff?

I'm sure you'll love finding out on this interview. You'll come away with an inkling of what an attractive and accessible investment storage lockers could be.

If you'd like to learn more about Scott or his company, Self Storage Investing, please go to his website.

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