Detox cleansing products have reached an all-time high, and there’s plenty of room for you.

80,000. What's the significance of this random number? It represents all the chemicals produced and used in the United States. Of those chemicals, only 200 have undergone testing by the EPA. Even more surprising, the EPA only regulates five of them.

But one burning question remains. How many of these chemicals are toxic to humans?

Without more research, we may never be able to answer this question with total accuracy. But we do know people come in contact with chemicals daily. Who knows how many toxins you unknowingly ingest every day?

Eliminating harmful toxins from the human body is a big business. According to Grand View Research, the global detox product market is worth $51.75 billion and has a projected CAGR of 4.6% over the next five years.

When Did Clean Colons Become All the Rage?

Colon cleansing was once an odd personal service reserved for Hollywood types. Now that health consciousness is the trend, it's not so unusual for people to discuss colon health. While nobody's exactly posting pictures of their colon on social media, the conversation is more open than ever. 

Toxins can harm nearly every organ, from causing sluggish digestion to inducing frustrating brain fog. Too many toxins floating around the body can also affect the immune system. As an untamed virus sweeps the globe, there has never been a better time to take care of our white blood cells. 

Maintaining a healthy internal flora is the key to staying well and fighting off an illness before it wreaks havoc on the entire body. A detox cleanse eliminates harmful toxins from the body. Many advocates notice massive improvements in their overall health after completing a round.

I'm addicted to you. Don't you know that you're toxic?

Sure, Britney Spears was most likely referring to a bad relationship when she wrote those lyrics. But think about all the toxins people willingly consume each day. Bad habits and toxins go hand-in-hand. Prolonged alcohol use, smoking cigarettes, and even a diet high in saturated fats can take a toll on a person's body. Over time, these habits lead to an accumulation of toxins. As more people take charge of their health, detox cleanses have become more popular. 

Not everyone who decides to clean out their system has an addiction problem or leads an unhealthy life. Others schedule regular detox cleanses on their calendar simply to ensure they always feel great. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—or in this case, toxins.

A Detoxed Body Is a Happy Body

The reasons to detox the body are endless. Some decide to jumpstart their metabolism through guided fasting. Many also use this method for weight loss. Others may want to rest their liver or clear out their colon after a weekend of debauchery. Preventing acne, boosting energy, improving focus, and slowing down the aging process are even more reasons why some people begin a detox ritual.

In the wake of the pandemic, many consumers are stress-eating and struggling to get enough exercise. A full system reboot can help the body get back on the right track. People just want to feel better. A cleanse is an easy way for them to take control of a seemingly uncontrollable situation.

It's now your turn to enter the toxin-fighting arena. As an entrepreneur, you can take ownership of this problem. Offer consumers the products they need to rid their bodies of harmful toxins once and for all. 

Products for a Full Body Cleanse

A detox cleanse is much different than sudsing up in the shower. This process rids the inside of your body of all the "bad stuff." Local health spas offer clinical options (hello embarrassing colonic). But many people are still on edge about leaving their homes. Your audience desires safe, all-natural products they can consume at home.

Opening up an e-commerce website is the best way to keep up with this demand. Your brand can offer products to help flush out dangerous toxins from the body. Here's a small list of possible detox kit ideas to get your cleansing juices flowing:

  • Colon cleanse kit: Include laxatives, caffeine supplements, electrolytes, and multivitamins to flush out harmful waste from the digestive system while also replenishing vital nutrients. An enema kit and mixing bottle are also helpful to add.
  • Weight loss cleanse kit: Focus this type of cleansing kit on liquid meal replacements. Private label different fruit and vegetable juices enhanced with turmeric, cayenne pepper, and garlic. The goal of this cleanse is to help reduce water retention and boost the metabolism.
  • Liver cleanse kit: The liver is nature's filter. Anything that goes into the body must pass through this vital organ. This kit should contain milk thistle to detox the liver and turmeric to protect it. You can either include pills or sell powders to create a tea-like detox beverage.

The Ultimate Detox Cleansing Guide

Not all your customers want to drop money on an all-in-one kit. They may already have some of the products in their medicine cabinet or pantry. Let's also assume you don't want to hassle with product inventory or worry about dealing with production issues (especially while the effects of the quarantine play out). In both cases, going the information-based route may be the better business model for your brand.

People turn to Google whenever they need answers. Your target audience may find themselves searching for "detox diets" or "10-day cleanse." In both instances, it's probably not pills or potions they want to find. Instead, they hope to learn more about DIY detox cleansing.

If you enjoy teaching others, this opportunity may be a match made in heaven. It's up to you how you want to approach this option. Consider these ideas:

  • Ebooks: Publishing detox cleanse ebooks is one of the easiest ways to sell to this audience. Your books should include data about the benefits of cleanses and which products are more beneficial. If you need help, consider soliciting a dietitian or another expert to write a foreword. You can even hire a ghostwriter to pen everything for you.
  • Video Tutorials: Not everyone wants to read. Some prefer to watch videos. Create a series of videos dedicated to the topic of detoxing the body. You can demonstrate how to make detox juices or explain what to expect during a cleanse. The more content you produce, the more money you stand to earn.
  • Podcasts: Most people listen to a variety of podcasts throughout the week. Starting a detox cleanse podcast series is an effective way to grow and monetize your audience. You can earn an income through regular sponsorships. Interviewing health experts will give your brand credibility. It will also help you network with like-minded companies.

Non-Toxic Marketing Strategies

Even if you come up with the best detoxing ideas ever imagined, your brand won't get off the ground without effective marketing. Once you decide on a path, it's time to grow your audience and promote your cleansing solutions.

Social media can help you get up close and personal with your people. Create profiles on all the major platforms. Be sure to post every single day. The more you engage with your followers, the more loyal they'll become.

Reaching out to bloggers is also a helpful tool. Look for blogs related to healthy living, weight loss, or exercise, and connect with the owners. See if they'll let you write a guest post to talk about your products with their readers.

An email list should also be on the top of your to-do list, but of course, you'll need a reason for people to click and sign up. Consider offering incentives to new subscribers. A promo code or limited-time offer can work wonders. Remember to send out regular updates to encourage engagement with your audience. 

Giveaways are an incredibly effective way to promote your brand without investing much capital. It's free to list a giveaway on Sweeps Atlas, Online-Sweepstakes, or Sweepstakes Advantage. All you have to do in return is send out the prize to the winner.

Digital marketing campaigns can also help you make it to the first page of Google for your targeted keywords. Although these campaigns require time, diligence, and plenty of expertise, they can really pay off in the long run. Consider starting a paid traffic campaign to promote your products. Always pay attention to the analytics to see what works for your brand and what doesn't.

The Takeaway 

Entrepreneurs can earn a sizable income in the $51.75 billion detox cleansing industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected a variety of industries. But the personal care market saw a much smaller impact. 

There are two types of detox cleansing consumers: those who want products and those who prefer DIY. Marketing a broad range of both physical and informational products is the best way to grow the most massive audience possible.

Most of these customers will become repeat buyers if you offer them quality products and an incentive to buy. Continue to engage with your audience and keep them informed about new offerings, promo codes, and early-bird specials. Compelling content that is both entertaining and educational will help boost your brand image further.

No one can control what's in the world around them, and there will always be a need for eliminating harmful toxins. If helping others take control of their health is your passion, it's time to clear a path to success in the detox industry.

You can build a 7-figure brand in the detox cleansing marketplace all on your own - and we’ll be here cheering you on every step of the way. 

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