Although Mark Zuckerburg is the most famous Facebook founder, many people forget that he didn’t do it alone. Not only is Dustin Moskovitz a co-founder of Facebook, but he’s also helped form a few other top companies. This billionaire is skilled at building and monetizing an audience – no wonder people get curious enough to Google Dustin Moskovitz net worth. Keep reading to learn how he did it on multiple occasions.  

Dustin Moskovitz’s Net Worth (Estimated): $12 billion

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Founding Facebook with Friends

Dustin Moskovitz is one of the five co-founders of Facebook. Others include Mark Zuckerburg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, and Chris Hughes. The five were all roommates at Harvard and created the network in their dorm room. Most of Dustin’s money stems from his mere 2% stake in Facebook. 

Using similar tactics to those of the Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the Facebook founders decided to make the first iteration of Facebook only available to members of Harvard. It grew quickly, expanding to other Ivy League universities. It rapidly expanded to nearly everyone in the world. Although many people believe it’s declining, the social network still has over 2 billion active users! 

Not only do the founders boost their net worth with Facebook. Many other business owners help form million-dollar businesses using the social network. Because of their vast user base, Facebook advertising is a great tool to sell products and reach more potential customers. In 2011, Dustin was named the youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes. 

The other co-founders of Facebook have different net worths (see examples below). 

  • Mark Zuckerburg net worth (estimated): $75 billion 
  • Sean Parker net worth (estimated): $3 billion
  • Andrew McCollum net worth (estimated): $20 million
  • Eduardo Saverin net worth (estimated): $11 billion
  • Chris Hughes net worth (estimated): $430 million 

Building + Monetizing an Audience

Dustin Moskovitz and his team knew the key to immense growth was building an audience. Once you have a userbase, there are plenty of creative ways you can monetize. With Facebook, they were able to go far beyond a niche audience and capture billions of users. After this, they monetized on the audience. Although Facebook is free to use, its advertising partners pay hefty fees for ad placements and clicks. 

Facebook Movie + Drama

A common topic of discussion is The Social Network, a movie dedicated to the story of Facebook. This movie shares the lives of Facebook founders (focused on Mark Zuckerberg). The movie also features legal issues involving the Winklevoss brothers. These twin brothers claimed Facebook stole their idea. They had already created a very similar website for students called ConnectU. 

Did the Winklevoss Get Any Money?

How much did Zuckerberg pay the twins? They won $65 million from the Facebook lawsuit. They then invested $11 million in Bitcoin and became billionaires! 

Are Dustin Moskovitz and Mark Zuckerberg friends?

Many people wonder if any of the Facebook co-founders remain friends, especially after the drama portrayed in their movie. Eduardo Saverin sued Mark Zuckerburg for diluting his Facebook shares. As for Dustin and Mark, there haven’t been any issues like this, and they remain close friends. 

Why Did Dustin Moskovitz Leave Facebook?

After creating a billion-dollar company, many entrepreneurs would sail into the sunset on their yachts. However, Dustin wasn’t finished. He left Facebook in 2008 to found yet another billion-dollar company called Asana. This popular task management hub has grown massively and reached a valuation of $1.5 billion in 2019. The company has hundreds of employees and raised millions in funding. 

Currently, Dustin Moskovitz is the CEO of Asana. 

Other Investments

In addition to the two companies he founded, Dustin has made other investments as well. He was the biggest angel investor in Path, a mobile photo-sharing site run by another founder of Facebook. He has also invested in Quora, Vicarious, NationBuilder, Organizer, Flipboard, Venmo, and more. Dustin is a board member at Vicarious (an artificial intelligence company). 

Also, Dustin Moskovitz’s contributed $20 million to the 2016 Democratic Hillary Clinton campaign. He didn’t want Trump to become president.  

Personal Life

Dustin Moskovitz Net Worth

Dustin Moskovitz’s wife is Cari Tuna. She’s a former Wall Street journalist. The couple married in October 2013. Now, she works full-time at Good Ventures (an organization founded by the couple). 

As for his early days, Moskovitz grew up in a Jewish family in Florida. His father was a psychiatrist, and his mother was a teacher and artist. After graduating from high school with an IB Diploma, Dustin enrolled at Harvard University as an economics major. Two years down the line, he paused his schooling to move to Palo Alto and work on Facebook full-time.

How Old is Dustin Moskovitz?

Not only has Dustin formed two massive companies, but he is still under 40 years old! He was born on May 22, 1984. This makes him 35 years old – he is the youngest of the Facebook founders. 

Where Does Dustin Moskovitz Live?

Although Dustin Moskovitz’s house is hard to find, we do know he lives in Palo Alto, like many other tech millionaires and billionaires. 

How Does Dustin Spend His Time and Money?

Many people wonder what this billionaire does in his spare time. Although his life has remained pretty elusive, we do know he attends Burning Man (a popular music festival) regularly. He also enjoys improving the world with charitable donations. 

Charitable Contributions

Moskowitz believes in using his money for good. For example, Dustin and his wife became the youngest couple ever to sign the Giving Pledge along with Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Whoever signs this pledge states that they will give most of their wealth to charitable causes. Others who have signed include:

  • Elon Musk
  • Bill Ackman
  • MacKenzie Bezos
  • Michael Bloomberg
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • and hundreds more

Also, Dustin Moskovitz and his wife founded Good Ventures. It's a philanthropic organization that has donated over $100 million to top charities. A few include the Against Malaria Foundation, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, and Deworm the World Initiative. While many other foundations are in perpetuity, their company aims to donate the majority of its money before Dustin and Cari die. They work with GiveWell, a charity evaluator, to determine the best donation practices. 

Bottom Line

Dustin is a talented Facebook co-founder whose brilliant ideas and skills at building an audience have helped him build not one, but two billion-dollar businesses. Because of this, Dustin’s net worth is soaring and only keeps growing. Since he’s still under 40 years old, we can’t even imagine what else this tech mogul has in store!

Of course, co-founding a business as massive as Facebook is a great way to make a fortune that lets you call the shots for the rest of your life. But that’s not the only way. With the right connections, plan, and follow-through, anyone can build a business and invest the profits to build long-term wealth. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re invited to join The One Percent community, where entrepreneurs create wealth and passive income. Check it out and join us!