Ty Corfe asks on Facebook, "How do you manage your time with so many different projects?"

Actually, I have way more projects than I talk about here on the show or on the podcast, probably way too many because I like to start things.

But, I have a new way that I have learned to kind of manage my time that has been really liberating for me. And that's twofold.

One, I have identified what I'm really, really good at, and what really, really just jazzes me up. And that is building an audience, doing stuff like I'm doing right now, and coming up with ideas.

I'm naturally going to be a starter, which means I need to be surrounded by people who are not fast starters. So, identifying what I'm really good at, and then I block out intentional time when I am only doing that.

I follow a Dan Sullivan principle, which is dividing my time into free days, focus days, and buffer days.

Free days, I'm not allowed to think about work. Right now, for me, that's Saturday, Sunday. Hopefully I'll work in a third day in there soon.

Focus days are where I am focused only on my unique ability, which is building my audience. Today is a focus day. See what I'm doing? And coming up with ideas, brainstorming how a business could be improved, new ways that we could monetize the traffic, new ways that we could grow that business, and then working with my partners to be able to implement those.

And then buffer days, which is all the other stuff that I have to do in order for me to be fully present within my unique ability. So, email, meetings, all the things that I've got to do just to get off my plate so that I can go back to my unique ability.

That's how I am managing my time right now.

I've found a lot of freedom in that because I save my buffer activities for the buffer day, and my day where I can focus, I am fully able to focus. And that has been a big shot in the arm for me recently.

This Q&A clip is from Freedom Fast Lane TV.

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