This is the part of the Freedom Fast Lane TV show where we look at one of our students' businesses, and we see where we can manifest more money into their business.

And I say that because today's submission is from Trevida sells physical products to people who meditate.

What do people who meditate consume?

See, you can sell physical products to anybody, any group of people.

This is why, when you're building a brand, I recommend you start with the person, what does that person need, and then we address what products to sell to that person.

Trevida sells meditation cushions, essential oils, diffusers. These are all things that people who meditate are going to have in their living room, right?

Trevida is selling about $20,000 to $25,000 per month. They have an audience of about 5000 people, and they're looking at how do we grow this thing?

Well, Mike and Lena, owners of, I took a look at your Amazon store. I took a look at your following.

You're doing a really good job of engaging your audience through content. You're doing a really good job of building up the audience on Facebook. Your branding is really good, or at least good enough.

Here's where you are missing a big opportunity.

You are simply not being aggressive, at least aggressive enough in my opinion, at promoting your products, specifically on Amazon.

Now, you've got the audience side figured out. You could probably leverage that audience a little bit harder to sell more product. But where you are simply not being aggressive enough is in your review-getting strategies and your product promotion strategies.

If I were you, I would walk into this business and say, what are the two products that have the highest profit margin?

We are going to blitz this thing for 90 days. We are going to give away tons of product.

We are going to do whatever it takes to get 250 to 500 reviews. We're going to do whatever it takes to rank for these keywords.

You've been sitting on the sidelines for too long without having that amount of focus and aggressiveness. If you were to go all-in on just that for the next 90 days, those two products that you pick become bestsellers. And that is going to give you the profit margins to duplicate that process over on every other product.

So, whether that is giving them away to your email list, going to giveaway lists, going to Zonblast and Viral Launch, going out to these other places where you can give away as much as possible to grease the Amazon algorithm, get those reviews from those people. That is how you are going to be able to make these products viable.

From those profits, you'll duplicate it over every other product. That is going to give you the customer base. It's going to give you the momentum to roll out even more products.

It'll even give you the profitability to be even more aggressive with the content strategy that you are doing, to be able to spend more money on Facebook to boost your content, to be able to spend more money to get more subscribers and more Facebook likes.

And this is where the snowball really starts to pick up.

Most people, and this is what you're doing right now, are just throwing products up. Hoping they take off. And doing a few things without any really focused effort on what is going to drive the growth of that business.

So for you, that focus needs to be on those two products that have the highest profit margin.

Blast them. Give them away. Get the reviews until you're on the first page for all your major keywords. Take those profits. Duplicate that over every product. And you could have a million dollar business a year from now, probably even sooner.

One of the cool things about this case study, one of the things that really lights me up, is working with entrepreneurs who already have the product, and it's not moving in the way that they expected. But they've done all of the hard work that it takes in order to get that product out there and selling. That really lights me up, because we can steer them from that point.

If you're the type of person, or you're the person who has an idea in your head but it's not in the world yet, we specialize in this.

We do something called the Brand Builder Bootcamp, where in 90 days you'll go from, even if you don't have an idea, to having a product out there and selling regularly.

This is how everybody starts. And that's over at

If you're the type of person who has a product out there, but you're not scaling as fast as you want, we've helped over 200 millionaires who have products out there, but they haven't scaled yet.

We've helped 200 people go from there to running a million dollar business.

And you can join our Tribe, where we can partner people with capital, or people who will promote your products, or people who are way ahead of you and following cutting edge strategies. We have really dialed in the process of what it looks like to go from one product to having a million dollar business.

And you can apply for The Tribe over at

We focus so heavily on entrepreneurs, because we believe that entrepreneurship is the one thing in the world that actually makes everything better. It makes you better. It makes your employees better. It makes your customers better. Because it is a value creation process.

And there is no limit to the amount of value that we can create in this world.

That's why there's no limit to income. There is no limit to growth. There is no limit to the amount of a better world that we can create.

But I believe that all that comes from capitalism and entrepreneurship. It comes from you.

That's why we do this. That's why we appreciate your support.


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