This segment from FFLTV Ep. 10 features a case study on Perky Perky, a business launched by our Tribe Director Maruxa Murphy.

So it was a year ago that Maruxa said to me, "I have this idea for a coffee line that I want to launch."

Pretty much everyone here at the team runs some sort of physical products business or some sort of a side business.

And Maruxa had this idea for a coffee line. I don't think Maruxa even thought it was possible to be able to do something like this. So I wanted to kind of unpack the launch strategy, the branding you did here because I think she's done a spot on job.

"Basically the process was I joined the Freedom Fast Lane Team in August of 2015 and basically started to hear and learn from you and from many of our members who had been taking their companies from just an idea and growing it and really making a big impact on so many lives and their own lives," Maruxa said. "And I started to watch literally, client after client after client after client doing this. And I said to myself, I'm so incredibly appreciative of the fact that all of us are entrepreneurs in the office, and what if that idea that I had about a year before that to start a coffee line, could actually happen?"

I think Maruxa has done two things incredibly well which is the reason why this is going to be a really successful line. The first was Maruxa started documenting the experience before the product even existed.

I talked a lot about building audiences, launching to audience. Maruxa didn't have a huge audience. She just started documenting the process of building this product line because she believed this because she wanted to make this impact. This is her vision and she started doing it just on her personal Facebook.

Then she started a Facebook page for the coffee line, and she started to get like like 1,000 views here, a 1,000 views there.

"Honestly, one day I went to one of the roasters I was interviewing and I was so incredibly pumped up about what he and I were talking about with coffee and I'm a huge coffee snob," Maruxa explained.

"I'm pretty snooty about what is in my cup. And so as I'm talking to him about my vision, he was getting excited about the vision, and I was getting more excited about the vision. And I was like, okay, so if we're all excited about this vision we're creating, maybe I should share this vision with more people. So, literally, I was on my way back to the office and I got my iPhone out and did a selfie video. I was so freaking nervous. But I was just on that high of this meeting that I just had, and I was just like, 'Hi guys!' on Facebook, pretty much.

"One of our other members here on the team saw me doing this video outside the window, and was like, 'You're posting that video'.' Heck no, I'm not posting this video.! And I was double dog dared. If anyone double dog dares me... alright, fine. So that video in particular got about 3,500 views and my Facebook message box was full of people excited for me. I was getting messages over email, texts, like you need to do this, this is amazing. And honestly, it was, and a lot of them were Tribe members actually, which was really really cool to experience."

Now Maruxa did one other thing, the second thing that I think she did just spot on, was she absolutely dialed in her target market and built her entire branding around that.

When we look at this, first of all, this branding is spot on because the avatar is front and center of the package. She is basically targeting women, housewives. She even says on here, on the back of the package, "You are powerful, you are simple, you are serious, you're thoughtful, you're playful and complex, you're silly and unstoppable." Maruxa is speaking to a very specific person.

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