On this week’s Freedom Fast Lane podcast, host Ryan Moran outlines the revenue he’s brought in and his plans for his revenue sources.

In an summary of his income, Moran doesn’t just give the listeners a detailed report of his cash flow, but also explains hows he’s made his money and what he plans to do with it. Moran begins the podcast by illustrating the revenue from his businesses.

Most of Moran’s businesses are in the fitness, sports, and vitamins realm. His total revenue this month was roughly $1.1 million in total, excluding his investments.

But how did Moran make that much? His sports and fitness company made up over half of that income – $600,000. However, something even bigger recently happened to his portfolio.

Moran is currently striking his first multi-million dollar deal with a major United States retail chain.

As he outlines in the podcast, Moran is confident that he’ll be able to make groundbreaking profit in this deal. This deal is unique in that Moran will be profiting off of shelf space in contrast to his traditional market of online sales via Amazon.

According to Moran, his efforts to diversify his business portfolio are critical to the long-term success of a brand.

How does Moran suggest one creates the best brand? Hiring a branding officer who can work in the field and produce stellar videos and content. That’s what Moran just did and it’s been critical to his branding. He predicts that such branding efforts will double his businesses profits.

But these aren’t the only sources of income for Moran.

Another business venture that Moran outlines in the full podcast is that of his vitamin company, BodyVega. The vegetarian vitamin company brings in about $1 million a year, with a goal to take home a $10,000 a month in cash on this business venture. This month, BodyVega was just slightly below that average.

In addition to Moran’s physical products businesses, he run Freedom Fast Lane and Capitalism.com. According to Moran, both sites have experienced significant growth as of late.

Listen to the full podcast to find out more about Moran’s diversified portfolio – including his investment revenue – and how you can profit like him.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:01] Ryan’s introduction to this episode: His revenue report for January 2017.
  • [4:26] Dialing-in the launch process for non-Amazon products.
  • [6:03] Striking a deal with a major retail chain: a different business model.
  • [9:50] The supplement company: Body Vega Nutrition.
  • [11:40] The health and profits of Freedom Fast Lane.
  • [14:46] Ryan’s 3 year vision to invest in businesses.
  • [16:30] Goals for 2017.
  • [17:42] Ryan’s personal investments: wrapping up a multi-million dollar acquisition.
  • [19:56] Real estate holdings, fulfillment, restaurant, possible investments with TRIBE members.
  • [22:31] The new revenue for this month.
  • [23:10] Personal life: Ryan’s little girl is growing and delightful - hiring and leading a team.

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