It is important to speak up and organize around issues we care about, about inequality, so long as we don’t let the government become a bully pulpit. Learn why in this episode of #FFLTV!

While it is important to say something, do something, and organize in the face of government acting in ways we don't approve of, in the face of inequality, it's concerning when we expect government to force people to comply with something you think is a good idea.

There is plenty of legislation that mandates employers to do certain things and make certain decisions that end up causing problems that legislators did not foresee. They end up hurting those that are supposed to be helped.

When it comes to financial freedom, I believe the best way to do that is to start a business and invest the profits and you can do that whether you are gay, straight, male, female, immigrant, non-immigrant, and everything else.

Entrepreneurship isn't without it's struggles, even if all you see on social media are successes. It's important to not celebrate perfection, but rather progress. Failure is part of the process that allows us to adjust our path, our plans, our goals, and our understanding of what success means to us.

This is why we must consciously pause and appreciate the successes along the way with a sense of gratitude for progressing from where we started.

This frank conversation about human rights issues, dealing with regret, and being open about failure is worth your time. Watch, listen, and share with your friends.

Watch this episode to get an entrepreneur’s perspective on the Women’s March, dealing with regret, and being honest about failures, as well as a case study of a six-figure business.

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