Today’s guest is Mark Podolsky, the original land geek himself. In this episode Mark explains how he set himself free from a hated investment banking career by learning how to buy and sell raw land.

Mark is now the country’s leading expert on how to buy raw land for pennies on the dollar, sell it fast and make profits of 300, 500, and even 1,000 percent in just a few weeks. Best of all Mark does it from the comfort of his own home working only a few hours a week.

If you want to learn how to make enormous profits on investing in raw land, listen closely to this episode of the Capital Gains podcast.

Mark is a a professional land investor. He owns a company called Frontier Properties. He's been investing in raw land full-time since 2001. He's done more than 5,000 land flips.

Mark has three podcasts, The Land Geek Podcast, The Best Passive Income Model Podcast, and The Art of Passive Income Model Podcast as well where he talks about what he does, how he does it. Then he also interviews experts and learns other ways to generate passive income, other real estate strategies and other business and success strategies as well.

There are 3,070 counties in the U.S. and billions of acres of land available, according to Mark. But not all of it is appealing. For example, someone in New York is not likely to want to buy raw land in Minnesota. Rather, someone who lives in Minnesota is likely to buy raw land there.

Arizona, New Mexico, California, Oregon, Florida, Texas, these sunshine states, are more compelling locations for purchasing rural land to the rest of the country, Mark explains.

For the huge market of people who want to buy this inexpensive, rural, raw land in these states, Mark's company will go to the tax collector, or the assessor of the county, and request the tax roll list. Then he'll scrub that list, looking for property owners who owe back taxes and live out of state.

Once those individuals are identified, Mark company will send them a “top dollar” offer, which is typically $0.20 to $0.30 on the dollar. Mark says 3-5 percent of those offers are going to be accepted, because something is better than nothing. Or, because, eventually, if they’re getting tax notice after tax notice, the property’s going to go to tax deed or tax lien sale.

For a lot of people they're happy that somebody’s finally going to buy the property. Then Mark's company does due diligence, closes on the property and then either flips it at about a 300 percent return on investment or owner financing owner financing where they get a down payment and the full amount within six months or so.

Want to learn more about effectively buying raw land at low rates, and how to flip those properties? Tune in to this podcast with Mark Podolsky.

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