Jeff Hoffman is a serial entrepreneur who was a part of the early stages of and Jeff has also advised multiple Presidents and has spoken in 50 countries around the world on the topics of scale, removing bottlenecks, and managing multiple projects without giving up your life. 

Jeff’s 2014 book Scale teaches entrepreneur’s how to grow their businesses while getting their lives back. Entrepreneurs often become the bottleneck in their own businesses because they are in the way. Jeff’s book helps business owners remove themselves from their businesses so that they can grow faster. Using this methodology, Jeff has advised and grown businesses into the billions of dollars.

Most recently, Jeff  has been traveling and speaking to groups of entrepreneurs, sharing the stage of Steve Wozniak, Gary Vaynerchuk, and countless others.

When Jeff spoke at the first ever Capitalism Conference (then called Freedom Fast Lane Live), he was far and away the most popular speaker. He also reserved time to personally work with and mentor the entrepreneurs in the room, acting as a selfless mentor. If you are growing something great, sitting at the feet of Jeff will be more than worth your ticket to The Capitalism Conference.

At The Capitalism Conference this December, Jeff will be teaching entrepreneurs how to scale their businesses, remove themselves as the bottleneck, and to grow faster without being personally involved in the operations of the business. If you run a seven figure business that is stuck, Jeff will clear that roadblock with one session.

Jeff joins an already-stacked lineup that features Kimbal Musk, serial billionaire Brian Lee, internet futurist Ezra Firestone, and other business advisors and mentors. Reserve your spot at The Capitalism Conference through this link.