One of the most prevalent things you hear from the personal development gurus out there is about the power of limiting beliefs. The standard party line is that you need to focus on removing those limiting beliefs because, well - they limit you. But Jesse Elder says that you don’t need to focus on removing limiting beliefs, you simply need to ignore them - because what you ignore goes away. Jesse’s got all kinds of outside-the-box perspectives on life and personal growth and he shares a lot of them in this episode - his keynote address at Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2015.

Life is a process of harvesting seeds that were planted long ago.

And If you want to make changes in your life, the only way to do that is to plant new seeds. It’s true. Every day you are receiving the benefits of what others in the past have done - harvesting seeds. Life will continue on as it has been unless you do something to add to the process, something that plants your own seeds of opportunity, ambition, and success. On this episode, Jesse Elder shares his unique perspective on how you can practice what he calls active appreciation - and he tells how it can not only bring more success to your life but also build a greater sense of contentment and peace for yourself.

If you really want what you say you want, you have to do more. Intentions are not enough.

It’s true that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. That’s because good intentions with no action to back them up are nothing but worthless fantasies. Change, growth, and success are things that you have to take action to see come about. But first you’ve got to be clear on what it is that you want - and why. Listen to this episode as Jesse Elder shares why your road to success is not about focusing on some future goal but rather about measuring where you’ve come. It sounds a bit counter-intuitive so make sure you take the time to hear it straight from Jesse’s own lips.

Look forward but measure backward: the way to grow toward success.

It is important to have goals. It’s important to have something to shoot for. But you’ll put yourself in the gap between where you are and where you want to be if the only thing you do is assess the distance between those two places. You’ll wind up stuck, unable to move because you’re in the middle of a chasm between want and reality with no clear way forward. Jesse Elder recommends that you look forward to those dreams you long for, but to then look backward to measure how far you’ve come. In doing so you’ll build confidence that is tangible, based on the things you’ve already achieved - and that confidence will breed more confidence, which leads to the creativity needed to fashion future success.

We entrepreneurs can bring an idea into the world that truly makes a difference.

One of the most important aspects of being an entrepreneur is not that you get to build your own lifestyle of freedom (though that IS important). Entrepreneurs are the only people in the world who get to bring an idea into reality, move it into the realm of people’s awareness, and through that idea make beneficial changes in the lives of those people. Entrepreneurs are the ones who change the world - iteration at a time, product by product. Hear how Jesse Elder advises entrepreneurs to set goals and move toward them for the good of the world, on this keynote address from the Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2015 event.

Outline Of This Great Episode>

  • [0:05] Ryan’s embarrassing confession about his first 5 years of entrepreneurism.
  • [2:20] Why Jesse Elder was the first to speak at FFL 2015.
  • [10:00] What is the expectation you have of yourself to learn and then implement?
  • [11:02] How Jesse learned that looking forward zaps your confidence.
  • [20:20] The number one job of leaders: Keep your own confidence high.
  • [23:03] A real life exercise to practice the skill of looking forward, measuring backward.
  • [28:25] Why you can’t sit around waiting for something good to happen.
  • [36:47] Through your perception, reality is born.
  • [39:50] The crushing power of, “Yeah, but..”
  • [45:57] The benefits of practicing active appreciation in every circumstance.
  • [51:13] How Jesse learned to appreciate everything and need nothing, through MMA style fighting.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Learn how to look forward but measure backward. That’s the only way you can build up your confidence toward success and build more success.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Destroy the power of the two words that can crush your dreams and potential for success: “Yeah, but.”

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