Ok. Here it is. Check to the government. Happy tax week.

There's my check right there for $300,000 made out to the United States Treasury. Actually, this represents about a little less than half of my tax burden for the year.

It's actually much higher than this. And I had to move a whole bunch of funds around in order to make this payment. This just represents the quarter four and quarter one estimate, because I'm a business owner.

Some of you might be thinking, "Awe, poor white, privileged entrepreneur claiming that he pays too much taxes."

Let me explain something to you. When you sell stuff, when you create manufacturing jobs or you sell physical products - real stuff - and you have raw materials or you have goods sitting around, the government sees that as profit because you could sell that. It's an asset.

So all of the money that my tax returns say I make is actually tied up in raw materials sitting around warehouses or waiting to be sold. So rather than take money out of the business and not pay employees, or not fulfill commitments, or go out and raise debt, raise capital, I fund my businesses myself.

Which means that I have to personally write big checks to the government every single year.

Now, also, let me remind those of you who say, "Ah, good. He's paying his fair share." Let me remind you - this goes to Trump. This goes to the least popular congress in history.

This goes to old, out-of-touch politicians who are making decisions on your behalf. So if you don't like the president, if you don't like the congress, if you don't like the decisions that are made, if you don't like the government making decisions on your behalf, the only logical position is to have less taxes, to keep those funds in the hands of individuals.

Because you know what I would do with this if I wasn't sending it to Washington D.C. or wherever this is going, the Internal Revenue Service? You know what I would do?

I would love to create even more jobs. I would love to create a really awesome health care plan for my employees so I could attract higher talent and get more people to work for us.

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I would love to advertise our products and services so we could grow our business. Because I want to make more profit.

But, instead, it goes to politicians who will then drop bombs on countries that are not an immediate threat to us. They will waste it in bureaucracy.

They will lobby to support causes that you may or may not be in favor of. And it gets wasted.

They will bicker and complain about health care, and promise you solutions. And that's what's really so sad about this.

I don't need people to feel sorry for me. I'm an entrepreneur. When I'm upset about paying too much in taxes, I'm just going to go make more money.

But the middle class gets screwed. And here's how: because politicians run around making promises that they're going to fix things or create new programs.

And the only thing they can do is take from private individuals, take from businesses, who would normally be creating jobs, creating health care solutions, creating solutions to the problems that they have in the world.

Instead, it's just going to go wasted in D.C.

And some people say, "Oh, you wouldn't really create health care for your employees. You wouldn't really hire more people. You would go buy a Ferrari instead."

Even if I did, even if I did just want to blow it and buy a Ferrari, that would be a better use of funds than sending it to politicians who are just going to waste it. Because, at least then, it would be my own choice.

At least then, it would go to another private citizen who invest it or spend it at other places and create more jobs. But we, as a country, siphon it from the economy and we put it into government.

The debate we are having in this country does not need to be what program, or which politician, what do we fund or what do we not fund. It does not need to be which politicians on which side of the aisle.

The debate in this country needs to be the fact that when you take from individuals, and when you take from businesses, you starve the very source of the solution to our problems.

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And you give it to politicians who waste it, blame other people, and take credit for things they didn't do and ask you to thank them.

That's what it is about.

Politicians and governments care about controlling your votes, not solving problems.

So we won't agree on every issue. We may not agree on any issues. But we can agree on one thing: that we all want solutions to problems.

The best way to do that is to keep money in the hands of individuals and businesses, and out of the hands of greedy politicians.

I am not a Democrat or a Republican. I am an entrepreneur.

It is people, it is private citizens, entrepreneurship, and businesses, that will solve our problems. Not stupid politicians.


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