I was thinking this morning about what a great time it is right now to be a rich person and how much it sucks to be a poor person right now.

I guess, at some capacity, it always is that way, but right now, we're in really unique times, because it's never been easier for rich people to get richer and for poor people to get poorer, specifically because of the way that the government makes it easy for rich people to get richer and poor people to get poorer.

And this is after eight years of a campaign that was supposed to champion the little guy, to champion poor people, right?

It's those policies, it's those government programs that have actually made things worse, have actually made poor people poorer and rich people richer. The gap keeps getting bigger and that's so, it so benefits those at the top and hurts those at the bottom, but in ways that people don't even get.

Like, remember in 2007-08 when we bailed everybody out? We all decried and said it was capitalism's fault that we had this economic downturn and then the government turned around and rewarded all the people who they said created the problem. Well, they also created this really fertile ground for the same people to get even richer than ever on the backs of poor people.

And here's what I mean: One of the things they did was not... Besides just bailing people out and giving people money, I mean, just look at the interest rate policies of the Federal Reserve. They created this environment where businesses and rich people could borrow at almost no risk and they lower interest rates so mainstream Americans and people who have money in the bank get nothing on their savings, so they have no incentive to save or grow their money. Meanwhile, rich people can borrow with no risk and buy businesses, buy apartment buildings, write off all of that, and they get richer and poor people say "gee I wonder why the price of my food is going up. "I wonder why the price of housing is going up. "I wonder why", all there's, "why prices continue to rise."

It's because there's all this cheap money from the Federal Reserve which is in bed with government and poor people see their prices going up and no money in the bank while rich people know how to borrow, they get all these tax write offs. My point being while we decry and talk about how the government needs to solve problems, it is the actual government's attempt to solve the problems that makes things worse in the first place. When the government tries to solve a problem, they make it worse.

When the government tries to help the little guy or says they're gonna help the little guy, they screw the little guy. So, regardless of what side of the aisle you fall on, I would say especially if you are on the left, and you believe that we need to empower those who don't have a shot and we need to support people who are the most disenfranchised and they're at the lowest end of the socioeconomic system, the socioeconomic ladder, the best thing we can do is to get the government out of things.

Stop trying to use government to make a program to help them. It's hurting them more than it's helping them. We need more freedom, we need more capitalism, we need more real change, and that only comes from entrepreneurship, capitalism, and the free market, not from greedy, out-of-touch politicians.

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