Hey. Did you see the Super Bowl the other... the presidential debate the other night?

What we saw was two versions of the exact same message: that government is the solution to your problems and you're not responsible for the problems that we have in this world.

We do a whole lot of name calling. There's been a whole lot of things thrown at one another. There's been a whole lot of Facebook posts that have said, if you like this person, unfriend me now.

We're in the midst of the most childish election season in history. We have resorted to slinging mud and we have resorted to thinking it's the end of the world, or threatening to move to Canada, or breaking up with people who disagree with us.

But we can all agree on one thing, regardless of which side of the aisle you fall onto or if you fall onto no side of the aisle. And it's that we have problems that we have to solve facing our world right now.

And what has been marketed to us and what we saw on the debate stage was two people talking about why they are the solution to the problem. With no one offering the truth of the matter—that you are the solution to the problems that face you.

No government, no outside person, no special thing that happens to you outside of your control will ever fix your own problems. You are the solution to your own problems.

We, as a society, are the only ones who have the capacity, who have the ability, to change the things that we want to change in this world.

The minute that we rely on a politician to solve our problems, the minute that we expect a government program to magically appear and solve something that we all might agree is a good thing to solve, the minute we expect a program, a politician, or a government to do something about it, we have lost. Because we have waited for an ineffective strategy to solve a problem that we want to solve.

We can all agree that we have problems that we want to address. But government is inept and incapable of making the change that we want to see. We, as a society, decide what we will address by how we spend our money, by what we support, by what we believe in.

And if our hope as individuals is in whoever wins in November, or whoever the next president will be, or whoever said what about the other candidate, then we are already doomed.

We don't have to wait for November. We don't have to wait for the inauguration. We are already doomed if we are waiting and putting our hope in someone else.

So this election season, vote with your dollars, vote with your decisions, vote with your beliefs, vote with your actions. Because you are the solution to the problems that face us most. Not out of touch, greedy politicians.

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