Justin Brooke went from becoming a young struggling father to a six-figure course creator and entrepreneur. His story is nothing short of inspiring. 

Read this blog to find out more about his life, starting as a freelancer, building his agency, and his venture into the world of online businesses. 

Ready? Let’s go. 

Who is Justin Brooke?

Justin Brooke founded the Digital Media Buying Institute (now known as AdSkills), a digital training firm that offers online advertising courses. By creating the highest-level digital marketing courses on the market, Justin aims to improve the resources and education of digital media professionals.

Initially, Justin worked as a freelancer, then as an agency owner and a high-paid consultant.

In the years that followed, Justin turned his attention to his current project - AdSkills.com - a training institute that prepares traffic-buying experts to help businesses generate leads from pay-per-click advertising.

What inspired Justin to become an entrepreneur?

In his early days, Justin worked in sales, but becoming a young father nudged him to make some career and life changes. He then landed an internship at Russell Brunson’s company (back before Russell created the now super-popular ClickFunnels).

Justin had access to Russell's entire library of marketing training, including more than $250,000 worth of courses and books he had bought from legends like Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy, and Jeff Walker.

Justin immersed himself in the library, learning about all aspects of Internet Marketing. In particular, he was attracted to Pay Per Click advertising, also known as PPC.

As he did not have much money at the time, he used half of his electricity bill’s budget for a PPC campaign. His course about the Joomla publishing platform generated a few sales. With that money, he reinvested more in paid traffic, increased sales, and ramped up the business.

This small win made Justin rethink his career options. He wanted to master PPC and then use it to start his own business, and he did it!

He started his own business and started managing PPC for his own business and his clients.

What made Justin Brooke venture into the world of online courses?

When he started his business, Justin came across clients who weren’t ready to buy his services, either because they weren’t a good fit or couldn’t afford him. 

If the former was the case, he had five to six referrals whom he referred to the clients. This helped him build rapport in the industry.

But if it was the latter that made him lose clients, he created a small 90-minute-long course on beginner stuff. Say, a lead reached out to him for running Facebook ads, and they had a low budget for that, Justin sold them his introductory FB ads course. 

If the lead had no experience running FB ads, he’d introduce them to his course and help them understand how PPC works. When they were ready to invest in his agency services, he’d serve them that way.

This is what led to the birth of AdSkills. 

Now AdSkills is the home to 100+ video courses from industry experts who teach you everything from Google Ads, TikTok Ads, YouTube Ads, and many more. You get to learn from pre-verified experts. 

You'll find three types of content inside: Fundamentals, Masterclasses, and Campaign Setups. Beginners need Fundamentals, advanced marketers need Masterclasses, and campaign setups need "button-by-button" tutorials.

What services does AdSkills provide?

Online advertising training

AdSkills provide online advertising training for beginners and advanced-level marketers who want to venture into the world of digital marketing. 68% of all online interactions start with a search engine, AdSkills offers to teach you how to catch the attention of the audience you want through online advertising.

This training module includes everything from buyer psychology to conversion copy techniques. 

Ad copywriting and optimization

Copywriting is writing words that sell. Writing copy, and optimizing it for sales is a skill worth millions. If you master copywriting, you’ll be able to help businesses make money, and make money yourself. 

AdSkills teaches you these money-making skills that will help you write copy for various platforms like emails, landing pages, sales pages, and Ads on platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.

Paid media buying

Almost 28,000 businesses spend over $5,000/mo on ads, according to a survey by AdSkills. This is your chance to target these businesses and help them with paid media buying. Media buying helps businesses identify, and purchase ad space for marketing channels to reach their target audience. 

It involves traditional marketing like radio, print, television, and digital channels like websites, social media, and streaming platforms. AdSkills teaches you how to get maximum exposure among your target audience for the least amount of money. 

Facebook, YouTube, and Google Ads

Facebook currently has over 2.89 billion monthly active users, and more than 1 in 3 listed Facebook ads as their best performer in terms of ROI, ahead of Google Paid Search and Instagram. 

While YouTube generated $8.6 billion in ad revenue in Q4 2021, and 63% of people have clicked on a Google ad. This clearly shows the popularity of these three platforms in the advertising niche. 

If you learn the skill of writing ads for these platforms, you can build a profitable digital marketing business. AdSkills educate you on the art of creating ads and optimizing them for conversions. 

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is a way to automatically buy and optimize digital campaigns, rather than buying directly from publishers.

It’s designed to replace human negotiations with machine learning and AI optimization.  The goal is to increase efficiency and transparency for both the advertiser and the publisher.

This is done through real-time auctions where ads are bought at the same time a visitor loads a website.

AdSkills teaches you this in-demand skill that will give you an edge over others. 

Content marketing

Just producing content is not enough. Businesses need a marketing strategy to help them market their content assets, and that’s where you come in. 

As a content marketer, you need to ideate, publish, and market content on all digital platforms. Content marketing is a strategic marketing process to create and distribute valuable, relevant, and consistent content that leads to conversions, in the form of leads or sales. 

Everyone’s creating content but few know how to market it well. AdSkill educates you on how the content marketing world works, and how you can help your clients achieve results. 

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is an in-demand complex skill. With Google leaving out new updates, it’s becoming difficult to manage for businesses alone. 

As an SEO specialist, you help businesses rank on SERPs, and attract new audiences through their content. AdSkills help you learn SEO and its aspects, so you can help your clients' (or, yours) content rank on Google, and solve technical SEO problems. 

Social media marketing

AdSkills teaches you a lot of lead-generation skills like social media marketing, email marketing, etc. Social media marketing involves understanding your target audience, creating strategies, writing copy, and creating eye-catching graphics. 

AdSkills covers all the aspects of social media marketing from market research to creating your content and visuals. 

Email marketing

87% of B2C marketers leverage automation as part of their email marketing strategy. They need someone who can write the email copy, and automate them in their email marketing service provider tool. 

AdSkills teaches you how to build email automation, auto-responders, and design email copy. Email copywriting involves direct response copy, which implies you can offer this service to businesses and charge a percentage of the profits earned + a fixed rate. 

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

In conversion rate optimization (CRO), websites or mobile apps are optimized to increase conversion rates. With CRO, you generate ideas about how to improve elements of your site or app and then test those hypotheses through A/B and multivariate testing.

In the world of marketing where nothing is constant — this skill helps you create better marketing campaigns, build systems and processes, and bring better results for your clients

Funnel optimization

Optimizing a funnel to convert hot leads to cold leads is an intricate process. Businesses don’t have the time to deal with the details of designing a funnel, and that’s where you can help them.

AdSkills equips you with the art of funnel optimization, and how to aim for the highest conversions. Once you learn funnel optimization, you can bundle this with services like email marketing, or content marketing, and make good money from that.

Analytics and reporting

It’s not enough to just post content or create ads, you need to spend them analyzing the results, and reporting them to your clients. There are many tools available in the market to help you with analytics and reporting, but you need to learn how to use these analytics to create better strategies for your clients. 

AdSkills helps you in understanding different analytics for various platforms, how to extract value from them, and create better marketing plans. 

Video production

Video marketing is on the rise. With the popularity of video marketing, learning how to produce videos is a profitable skill. The videos can be product demos, customer stories, or educational YouTube videos. 

AdSkills covers the A to Z of video production. From writing the video script to editing the video, you learn how to create a highly engaging video script, and produce the video.  

Web development

Brooke started selling his first course, how to build Joomla websites, for $35 to teach others how to use the Joomla software. He sold courses on how to buy and sell websites for profit. 

AdSkills introduces you to making money from website domain ownership. 


Justin has created generational wealth through his services and programs. His story also has some important lessons for us all:

Always upsell and downsell

Whenever a client couldn’t afford to work with Justin due to high cost, instead of letting them go, he guided them to his course library. The course costs were significantly low and made the clients aware of his marketing strategies, and the value his team provided, so they could either do it themselves or ask his agency to do it for him. 

Never stop learning

Justin didn’t wait for the opportunity to come to him, instead, he did everything he could to create opportunities. He immersed himself in an internship at Russell Brunson’s company and learned everything he could to master the art of running paid marketing campaigns. 

Here at Capitalsim.com, we’re certainly not experts in paid ads. So, if you want to learn that highly-valuable skill, head over to AdSkills.

But we are experts at making millionaires. In fact, our aim is to create one million millionaires by 2028. We do this by coaching entrepreneurs as they build 7-figure businesses they can one day sell for a life-changing payday that sets them up for life.

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