Famous author and scientist, Peter Senge once said, “All great things have small beginnings.” Such words are especially true for Garrain Jones whose origins were quite humble.

From his moribund encounters and family loss to thefts to imprisonment for drug trafficking, his life looked bleak till he turned it around with a newfound sense of direction.

Garrain’s philosophy rests on the belief that a changed perspective is the source of greatness in a person’s life. He has devoted his efforts to coaching others in finding that shift for distinction. Garrain will be speaking at CapCon 6.

Who Is Garrain Jones?

Garrain “Steph” Jones was born July 3rd, 1979 in Houston, Texas. At the age of four, his life took a sad turn, starting with his first near-death experience and his parents getting a divorce. When he was six, he had a second near-death experience. He almost drowned from a prank gone wrong on a fishing trip. 

At age twelve, his father, a drug dealer, was murdered. Without examples to look up to, Garrain began a life of drug pushing, stealing, and stripping. His mother struggled to make ends meet while he struggled with school and being taken in and out of juvenile detention centers. When he turned 17, he improved his life and worked on his grades at school with sufficient success, and subsequently sought a change of environment for better growth and direction.

At age 18, he discovered a sense of purpose in the book The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. He undertook more productive careers in modeling and music video appearances. He got back into drug smuggling which earned him a two-year sentence in 2002, a time Garrain used to reorient himself with the book that initially inspired him. 

Leaving Ludacris

After he got out, he worked hard and got a $500,000 deal with a famous rapper, Ludacris at Def Jam where he wrote songs. He eventually left the label, a decision that resulted in living in his car and a debt of over $200,000. Things changed after he met a stranger at a gas station who had asked for money and offered Garrain the expression “change your mindset, change your life.”

He took those words to heart and made an effort to change his life, which he did successfully with his health, relationships, life partner, and businesses. These led him to become an author and life coach, making him a millionaire at 37. He has inspired others to bring positive changes to their lives through his book, Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life. Garrain currently runs his transformational coaching program via his platform, Garrain Jones and Mpowered Brotherhood

How Did Garrain Jones Make His Money?

Garrain Jones made his money initially from illicit activities such as drug pushing, stealing, and stripping. As he improved his life choices, he made a good income from songwriting for Def Jam, modeling, and featuring in music videos. His current earnings come from his acclaimed book Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life: Lessons in Love, Leadership, and Transformation, coaching sessions, retreats, and workshops which can be found on his site, Garrain Jones.

What Is Garrain Jones’ Net Worth?

Garrain Jones has an estimated net worth of $5 million. However, with his wide reach of mentorship and go-getter mindset, the chances are his net worth may be higher.

Why You Don’t Want To Miss Garrain At CapCon 6?

Garrain Jones is a transformative life coach passionate about improving the lives of others through mentorship and passion finding. A lot of entrepreneurs wonder how to improve their lives and businesses. They often seek help by “hacking” the success code of other prosperous enterprises. However, business owners found more remarkable success in their ventures when they had personal sit-downs with field experts and learned from these professionals’ experiences.

The Capitalism Conference offers a tremendous opportunity to meet Garrain in person from April 27th to 28th 2023, in Austin, Texas. The meeting will feature Q&A sessions and insightful engagements with the famous author and motivational speaker. The conference promises to change the mindset of the attendees and ultimately impact their lives as stated in Garrain’s credo.


The life and success of Garrain Jones have shown that it is never too late to turn one’s life around, find direction and ignite passion in achieving the best in life. More so, his brave story inspires entrepreneurs everywhere to look beyond pitfalls and create new perspectives, uplifting others as well. The result has had an incredible ripple effect in positively affecting lives and mindset transformations.

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