Is it even possible to go back to a more limited government?

Rebekah Bydlak says it is and she’s running for congress in Florida to do her part in seeing that it happens. Rebekah has spent a good deal of time lobbying for reform in the areas of national debt, and fiscal responsibility. Her involvement with the Coalition to Reduce Spending, was one of the ways she fought to reduce federal spending at its source and to fight special interests. On this episode of Be The Change you’re going to hear from a young woman who’s a shining example of a person who isn’t letting her age or inexperience hold her back. Rebekah’s making a stir in Florida and is calling for all fiscal conservatives to join her to create a more limited government that serves the people rather than restrains them.

The only solution is real, meaningful spending cuts now, not down the road.

That’s what Rebekah Bydlak believes and what her campaign for a Florida congressional seat is focusing on to get her elected. She’s fighting to bring accountability back to the government and wants to see more and more people her age get involved (she’s 25 years old). Rebekah’s homeschool education and graduate work has prepared her from a truly grassroots perspective to see how the overbearing regulations of government gone wild impact the average person and she’s committed to seeing that stranglehold broken. Be sure you listen. Rebekah’s enthusiasm and optimism is inspiring and contagious.

Why do many millennials say that they reject capitalism?

It doesn’t take many conversations with young adults today to discover that a great majority of them are cynical and skeptical about the capitalist system they live under. Rebekah Bydlak believes it’s the abuses of an inflated government and corrupt business leaders that has created that attitude and she’s out to change it. On this episode of the podcast you’ll hear Rebekah’s vision for a better America and how she believes the common people of the nation can change the tone of the conversation and bring limited government into reality.

Is personal responsibility being stripped away by the governmental Big Brother?

It’s plain to see that an entitlement culture has grown in the United States. The almost successful campaign of Bernie Sanders makes it all too obvious. How did we get to that place? It’s because the value of personal responsibility is no longer championed at the core of what makes our country great. Too many years of government programs and bailouts have taught many people that the government will take care of them. But Rebekah Bydlak doesn’t believe the answer is for the government to take care of things. She believes there are better, more efficient, and more effective ways - and you can hear about her inspiring vision on this episode.

What can an individual do to hold their representatives accountable to work toward a limited government?

When asked how an individual or community can keep their elected officials accountable Rebekah Bydlak provides very practical answers. There are many organizations - such as The Coalition to Reduce Spending - that keep record of how elected officials have voted and acted in areas that are vital to the creation of limited government and reduced spending. Voters can easily find out how their officials have scored and make their voice heard - if they are willing to take the time and make it happen. Be sure to hear how this one, young politician is making a difference in the State of Florida, and how you can make a difference where you live.


Outline Of This Great Episode

    • [0:01] Introduction of today’s guest, Rebekah Bydlak.


    • [1:20] Rebekah’s background and why she’s so interested in politics.


    • [3:56] How can representatives be held accountable and how can one person make a change?


    • [7:12] What is government’s role in the marketplace?


    • [10:26] Why do millennials say they reject capitalism?


    • [13:25] What can State representatives do to help entrepreneurs flourish?


    • [16:19] Is personal responsibility a value that’s being stripped away? How do we make it more appealing to voters?


    • [20:02] What can individual voters do to hold their representatives accountable?


    [21:19] What advice does Rebekah have to young people who want to help?

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