Dr. Ben is BACK from our June 5th, 2023 episode and now he is selling on Amazon!!

He was in the perfect place to start selling his product formulation in person and direct people to his website, but now after the initial Amazon sales and reviews have rolled in the question is, how can he keep going?

Going on podcasts to position himself as an expert has brought on some attention, he wonders about bringing on an eCommerce agency, and now he wonders about future products and ethically bringing in more real reviews.

On this call from The One Percent Ryan directs him how he can get tons of initial real reviews and keep the brand moving forward to a $1 million company and beyond.

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(0:00) - Intro
(1:20) - Ben Call Starts In The One Percent
(3:00) - Initial Amazon Results
(3:30) - How To Get 100 Reviews In 90 Days
(4:50) - When To Work With An Amazon Agency
(7:00) - Building A Bigger Online Presence
(9:20) - How Ben’s Podcasting Can Bring In More Sales
(11:45) - Expanding Content Topics