Not too long ago Bradley & Chelsey founded Maple + Lark a cotton rope basket and toy brand that offers elegant storage solutions and eco-friendly, handmade products for parents of young kids.
In 2 years they have gone from 0 to a staggering $100k/mo, and they did all of this while homeschooling 4 kids of their own!!

If your excuse is that you do not have the time to build a business... you should meet this husband and wife power couple!

This episode will show you that if you feel stretched for time and can only focus on what is really working, you can still have tremendous success. In fact, working parents can have an advantage because they aren't so distracted by endless potential business opportunities.

Bradley & Chelsey built a real community before they ever had a real product and made their future customers feel like they were shareholders in this brand, since the community was so invested in their success.

In this episode the couple shares their challenges in fulfilling orders, scaling, adding additional products to the product line. Ryan asks them to share their wins, challenges, and what their vision for the future of Maple + Lark will look like.

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(0:30) - Ryan Introduces Bradley & Chelsey 
(1:00) - Conversation In The One Percent Community Begins
(2:00) - Finding The Capitalism Community And Launching 1st Product
(5:15) - Using Social Media To A Product Launch 
(7:30) - Converting Video Views And Leads Into Sales 
(12:00) - Running Out Of Inventory And Almost Going Out Of Business 
(17:30) - Starting Over To Double Down And Multiply Sales
(22:00) - When To Launch New Products & Knowing The Right Products 
(28:00) - Scaling Up, Hiring Team Members, 
(31:00) - Takeaways And Lessons Learned, To $1M And Beyond