After running the numbers, Brandon felt a lot of freedom after realizing that if he can just keep going at 10 sales per day, he would have a 6-figure business.

A business that could be doing over $100,000 per year in profit.
And the first step to building a 7-figure business is to start with a 6-figure business.

In this podcast Ryan give him some clarity about how to maintain this momentum and keep pushing forward with his brand to hit that million dollar mark.

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(0:00) - Intro
(2:20) - Brandon Shares His Supplement Brand Story\
(3:30) - A Failed Launch, Almost No Initial Sales
(7:10) - The Number Of Increasing Sales Since Launch Day
(11:40) - Reframing The Success Of A Community Facebook Post
(18:00) - Thoughts On Getting More Reviews
(22:10) - Strategies On Giveaways And Creating Content