In this episode Brandon is thinking about targeting a product to owner's of wiener dogs specifically but worries... is this niche too small?

Ryan walks him through when targeting a specific customer is a great strategy as a brand, and when it becomes TOO specific that you can begin alienating potential buyers.

No matter what kind of business you are running, this coaching call from The One Percent group is a great way to better understand the niche you want to serve, and when niche'ing down can go too far.

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(0:00) - Intro
(2:30) - Brandon Call Starts In The One Percent
(3:00) - Brandon Wants To Sell A Small Pet Carrier Dachshunds
(4:00) - Brandon Worries He Is Not In His Ideal Audience As A Cat Owner
(5:10) - When The Niche Becomes Too Small
(7:00) - Wiener Dogs And Their Specific Needs
(8:10) - Creating A Backpack Style Pet Carrier
(11:10) - Ryan's Outro And Takeaways