Picture this… you and your partner decide to go all-in on the “crazy” idea you have for a brand. You toyed with the idea long enough, and at some point, things got serious. You even placed your first inventory order and it’s on its way.

But then it hits you. You’ve burned through a bunch of your cash. Now you’re not sure how you’ll pay for your second order so you can keep in stock and keep that hard-earned momentum going.

Should you cut your expenses now? Should you take out a bunch of credit cards? Should you turn to crowdfunding?

These questions aren’t just hypotheticals for Manny Montilla and Paulina Tillman of Fly Dad (flydadgear.com). Maybe you’re in the same boat.

Listen in as Ryan coaches Manny and “magically” uncovers solutions that were hiding in plain sight - solutions that will not only make funding easy but also that’ll make selling their first - and second - round of inventory a snap.

Download this episode’s transcript here.