So many multimillionaire brands have a powerful hook that describes what they do.
And every business owner better have his "elevator pitch" down to a sentence or two when it's time to describe what the business is.

This is where Heinz has been getting stuck as he is building his own brand to serve people are want to limit their technology use.

Ryan steps in on this call in The One Percent group to give him clarity on his messaging so he can move forward, and start getting sales.

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(0:00) - Ryan Episode Introduction 
(1:30) - Call With Heinz Begins 
(2:00) - Getting Feedback On "The Who" To Sell To 
(3:15) - Deciding On The Primary Product Users 
(5:30) - How To Message In Advertisements 
(7:00) - Double Down On Ads That Work 
(7:30) - Ryan's Thoughts On Logo And Design 
(8:30) - Ryan Outro