If there’s one thing entrepreneurs wish they could have when they first start on their journey, it’s this… a clear step-by-step process for how to take a business from zero to a million dollars. But the other wish on their list has to be getting to see some real-life examples of others who actually followed those steps to create a million dollar business.

There’s no shortage of success stories out there. But they’re almost always told in retrospect. They start with some amazing result, dip back to the origin story, maybe highlight some high points, and throw in some inspirational wisdom.

But what we really want to know is… what was it really like along the way? What missteps and challenges popped up and how did the entrepreneur work through them? How’d they get their idea in the first place? What advice did they get - and did they take it?

That’s what The Road to $1 Million is all about. I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs become million-dollar business owners over the past few years. But now, we’re telling their stories starting from the very beginning. In this podcast series, we’ll share the next wave of success stories so you can follow in their footsteps. 

Even more, as you listen to a few episodes, you’ll walk away feeling inspired and empowered, like, “I can do this!” You’ll come to see a very clear path to go from zero to a 7-figure business. Plus, you’ll find your mind brimming with ideas for your own business. 

As you follow along with the stories of these case studies, you’ll find yourself rooting for them just as hard as I am… and rooting for yourself, too, as you build a business that truly excites you.

Download this episode’s transcript here.