Jake Lovasz recently cleared $50,000 in sales in ONE day when he released a new product, without spending any money on ads.

In this episode Jake shares everything that has gone wrong and gone right over the last 18 months to scale his brand from 0 to $250k/mo.

He expects to do about $5M in 2023 after some strategic investing from The Capitalism Fund which helped him scale even faster. He recently joined The One Percent community group live to answer questions and share his journey to and beyond $1 million.

No matter what market you are in and no matter the product, the strategies here can help anyone scale a 7-figure brand.

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(0:00) - Ryan Episode Introduction 
(2:20) - Call With Jake Begins 
(2:50) - The Last 6 Months, Getting To $250k/Mo In Sales 
(8:10) - How Jake Released A New Product That Generated $50k In One Day 
(13:00) - Dealing With Negative Comments Online And Embracing Controversy 
(16:30) - Thoughts On Releasing New Products That Grow The Overall Brand 
(19:20) - Ryan's Takeaways And Conclusion