Josh Martin is a 24-year-old entrepreneur who first caught our eye as one of the winners of our Million Dollar Brands contest. He’s taken what he’s learned so far and built a brand that’s got such potential that the Capitalism Fund couldn’t resist investing in it.

In this episode, you’ll get to listen in as Ryan helps Josh sketch out the plan to go from making sales of $5K per month to a future $5 million exit. The Fund’s investment can help smooth the bumps in the road that a lack of inventory has caused. But the bigger questions they sort out during this conversation will save the brand from becoming a product-driven company. Josh’s brand is now the “hot girl at the dance” and that changes everything about how he evaluates potential influencers who want to partner with him. 

This brand is one to watch, and this conversation will likely answer questions you have as you make important decisions about your own brand, too.

Download this episode’s transcript here.