Justus Murimi is the head coach inside the Capitalism Incubator and also runs our community, The One Percent. That means he’s surrounded by people who are building 7-figure businesses. It was only a matter of time before he caught the bug, too.

But he’s not going to do it the way many entrepreneurs do, getting bogged down in all the technical details. Instead, as you’ll hear in this conversation he and Ryan had about the brand he envisions, he will sit in the owner’s seat as the visionary for his brand. He’s already partnered up with his friend, Deacon, whose superpower is implementation. Together, they can bring their idea for a brand that serves “imperfect” moms to market. 

If you’re early in the process of launching your own brand, this is an episode you do not want to miss. Justus is the perfect example of the power of making decisions, gathering a team that can make it all happen, and focusing on the people you’ll serve. 

You may be surprised to hear how quickly it can all come together. Let us know what clicks most for you after you give this episode a listen.

Download this episode’s transcript here.