Katlyn is still in the early stages of her journey but she already has several interested parties who might want to give her money and invest in her brand.

Naturally, this brings up all kinds of questions about how to structure a deal like this and what to do with the money.

This week Ryan and community member Josh Hahn take this question within The One Percent community to address how Katlyn can think about taking outside money to grow her business faster, but make sure she stays clear of any potential pitfalls that could throw her off track.

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(0:00) - Intro
(1:50) - Katlyn Gets Big News With Her Brand
(2:30) - 3 People Have Offered Money, Only Taken 1
(4:20) - Advice For Taking On Money
(6:20) - Shipping Rates And Bundles
(9:50) - The Problem With Not Knowing Where To Spend