This week we have a very special episode, with a very special guest, my brother Kelly Moran!

My brother Kelly is a cop in Ohio and in his free time he likes to fish and work on Do-It-Yourself home construction projects.
So, me being me, entrepreneur that I am, it’s been a lot of fun to see him get into making videos, building a YouTube channel, and selling Merch.

And it’s taken all of my willpower not to want to jump in with ideas for funnels and influencer connections, and Amazon products… but recently we sat down to game this out, because he actually asked me for my advice.

So a lot of this conversation is really around, how do you take a hobby and build it into a real brand? How can you make some money doing something that you love, without losing that love for your passion projects?

We talk about content strategy, how to make “YouTube Gold”, how to think about content topics, and how to get in the fast lane when it comes to building community. I want you to listen to this conversation and see how this applies to YOUR niche, and your business.

And since it’s my brother, you know I’m only giving him my best A-1, blue chip, premium tier level advice. Let’s dive in!

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Download this episode’s transcript here.