Ryan says this is the best freaking coaching call in the history of coaching calls.
Because he was able to go deep with Luis who is going through a lot of personal changes right now and has been feeling doubtful about his launch and plan to get his brand to $1 million.

In their time together they unpack what has really been holding him back and if you can't figure out why you haven't been moving forward this podcast will help you see how you can get to 100 sales per day in your business.

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(0:00) - Intro
(1:50) - Luis Call Starts In The One Percent
(5:00) - Feeling Business Growth Is Too Slow
(7:30) - Ending A Relationship & Making Hard Decisions
(9:45) - Learning To Trust Yourself As An Entrepreneur
(13:05) - How Entrepreneur Communities Empower You
(17:15) - What Ryan’s Learned About Decision Making
(20:30) - Using Your Calendar To Track Business Growth