Marwan has already sold a baby sunglasses ecommerce brand but he REALLY regrets not building that brand's audience more intentionally.

This time he wants to do it right but has concerns about using his face and his own personal brand content for this new brand he is starting to build.
He wonders, should these be 2 separate channels or all mixed together?

The first brand sold for 3x revenue but he knows he left a lot of money on the table not building a brand with an audience.

Ryan points out that the difference between just sales vs a "real brand" when it comes time to have an exit could be millions of dollars.

After getting clear from this call Marwan launched his first product all over again and he has already achieved 100 sales in 1 day!

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(0:00) - Intro
(2:00) - Marwan Call Starts In The One Percent
(2:30) - Marwan Is Launching Next Week On Amazon
(5:15) - The Difference Between A Brand With A Real Audience
(7:45) - Marwan Describes His Ideal Person
(10:30) - Building YouTube Channel For Regular Content Creation
(13:00) - The Challenge Of Being The Face Of The Brand
(17:15) - Why You Don't Need That Many People To Build A 7-Figure Brand
(21:40) - Ryan Outro And Takeaways