If you peek into Ryan’s pantry, you’re going to find boxes and boxes of Keto Brownie. When he first stumbled upon this snack, he probably didn’t know for sure that one day, he’d invest in the brand. But he was bullish on the founder, Nick Raccuia, and the product. So it surprised nobody when the Capitalism Fund made an investment.

Nick’s super power is product development. Of course, as a solopreneur, most of his time was spent doing everything but product development. He was running himself ragged, trying to figure out everything from paid ads to Amazon listings. When 2020 hit, the brand ran into some serious roadblocks. But with the Fund’s help - in capital, coaching, and contacts - it’s back on track for an 8-figure exit. Getting Nick back into product development mode was a huge turning point. 

Listen in as Ryan and Nick talk about new products coming out, exciting opportunities with influencers, and possibly the most amazing testimonial a brand could ever hope to have. You’ll also find bits of wisdom you can use in your own brand-building efforts right now.

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