Nicole wants to start an eCommerce brand but keeps hitting a wall when it comes to choosing her ideal customer to sell to.

She is a restauranteur and runs a successful photography business but worries selling some kinds of physical products to photographers, and perhaps even a subset of a photographers like the wedding niche, would be too specific. 

After diving into Capitalism content she's just still stuck - before she gets too far along building this new brand, how can she decide on the right ideal customer?

Ryan guides her to think differently about choosing the right products that will serve the right person, whoever she decides to focus on.

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(0:00) - Ryan Intro
(2:40) - One Percent Call With Nicole Begins
(3:10) - Starting A New eCommerce Brand
(4:30) - Choosing Your Person To Sell To
(7:20) - Serving Who Is Already In Your Network 
(9:30) - Understanding The Customer Journey 
(13:15) - Finding Challenges To Solve For Your Customer 
(18:20) - Ryan's Example From Sheer Strength 
(22:00) - Finding Who You Want To Serve For Many Years