Sean is just getting started with his tea company / media brand that will awaken consciousness through media and wake people up with amazing tea.

He's a big thinker and he needs to start building an audience but is hit with a bit of analysis paralysis.

He is is truly launching from the ground floor but he is stuck without a lot of content or a strategy to reach his people and hasn't started taking sales on Amazon. On this call from The One Percent Sean asks him about what strategies he can take to generate more sales and get this brand moving to $1 million.

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(0:00) - Intro
(1:20) - Sean Call Starts In The One Percent
(4:20) - Simplifying The Big Vision To Next Actions
(6:15) - Ryan's Thoughts About Being On Amazon
(8:15) - Deciding What The Brand Is & Who To Serve
(11:30) - Sean Explains His "Traffic Triangle" To Bring In Sales
(14:00) - Thoughts On Ads And Cost Per Email
(16:20) - Parallels Between Advertising And Dating