What if you invested $200K in your business and still weren’t profitable?

And what if that actually turned out to be really, really good news?

Or, what if you had a successful pre launch and then heard nothing but crickets?

And what if having zero sales for a stretch actually turned out to be the moment you look back at as when you poured rocket fuel on your brand?

Sometimes when we’re in the grind, we get a little wrapped up in what we perceive isn’t working. Because we’re so close to the situation, it can be hard to pick through and find the gold. But when you’ve got someone who’s been there before, they know how to spot powerful turning points that we might miss.

This is why today, we just had to let you listen in on the front end of a recent Capitalism Incubator call. Maybe you’ll hear yourself in one of our members. And maybe you’ll get the a-ha you need to get unstuck as you build your own brand today. 

Download this episode’s transcript here.