Aubrey Marcus is a successful entrepreneur that was featured on one of the most popular podcast episodes. According to Ryan, Aubrey is the man that men want to be and the man women want to be with. Our Aubrey Marcus podcast covers a wide variety of topics – including psychedelics, open relationships, capitalism, and how he manages over 100 employees.

Today, Ryan and Aubrey talk about balance as a way to having it all — ever get tired of your ham sandwich? There isn’t only one menu… Listen below and read along with the partnering article!

Open Relationships

On the Aubrey Marcus podcast, open relationships is often a hot topic. He’s one of the only successful entrepreneurs that speaks so freely about his open relationship. It’s not just about sleeping with other people, he describes it as a journey to self-love and truly learning yourself. It has helped the couple overcome insecurities, overwhelming feelings of jealousy, controlling habits, and open their hearts. 

Freedom is taboo when it falls outside of the confines of what society says is acceptable. It’s become a fad to chase after freedom when it comes to money and business, but not in relationships. Although you might not want to pursue an open relationship for yourself, you have to admit the reasoning is logical, especially for fellow entrepreneurs pursuing freedom. Aubrey is the perfect example that you can have it all!

Even so, plenty of people try out open relationships and realize it’s not the best fit for them personally (and vice versa). Aubrey Marcus’ fiance didn’t want a relationship in the beginning, but soon realized it’s perfect for her. She’s now a relationship coach for couples in open relationships. Even so, they don’t describe themselves as advocates for open relationships. Instead, they’re advocates for understanding relationships.

Most people are born and raised to believe monogamy is the only way, without even considering another option. Many end up cheating or growing resentment, which destroys relationships. Testing out open relationships could change their life.

To give another piece of relationship advice, Aubrey states that absolute presence with someone is worth 100x more than half presence such as being on your phone, working here and there, being distracted, feeling resentful, lusting after others, and so on. Spend time being 100% present with your partner or friends and watch your connection soar.

Overcoming Trauma + Childhood Programming

Aubrey’s emotional intelligence and self awareness is admirable. He’s very aware of his flaws as well as habits that help him flourish. He speaks about actively seeking discomfort that will improve you, such as fasting for days when there is an abundance of food available. 

Discomfort shifts your brain to become happier. If you’re never uncomfortable, how can you truly appreciate comfort and happiness? His open relationship is a perfect example of overcoming childhood programming. Although it was a very difficult road, he is happier than ever before. 

Business + Leading Others

Aubrey is an excellent business leader and role model for aspiring entrepreneurs. As we mentioned in our article about his net worth and how he grew his business, his holistic health company (Onnit) has grown to nearly 200 employees that he manages himself. 

Aside from this Aubrey Marcus podcast, our YouTube showcases a few partnership videos with him. For example, we spoke with him about building a massive brand from the headquarters of his company. Check out the video below!

YouTube video

Work-Life Balance

Many of us wonder how to feel fulfilled and find the perfect work-life balance. Although everyone finds their own forms of balance, Aubrey believes in the extremes. When he works for 16 hours straight, he will recover with complete cutoff from the company. If he parties hard one night, he spends the next day recovering with green juice and healthy foods. 

This restores the balance in his life. It’s an interesting concept to avoid the boring pitfalls that humans often fall into. Self growth is another key method to sustain happiness and fulfillment. 


Psychedelics is another interesting subject on our Aubrey Marcus podcast. Being urged to try psychedelics by his father, Aubrey had his first experience right out of high school and it changed his life. Since then, he often engages in plant-based psychedelic experiences – he even has a charity dedicated to them!   

There is an interesting theory that the human consciousness descended from magic mushrooms. Although we can’t attest to this, many entrepreneurs have shared how psychedelics changed their lives including Suzy Batiz, Tim Ferriss, and others (although many don’t publicly endorse it). 

Bottom Line

Overall, talks with Aubrey Marcus are always interesting. This successful holistic health entrepreneur has unique ideas on every topic. It’s no surprise that our Aubrey Marcus podcast is one of the best! Stay tuned for more episodes and YouTube videos featuring the Onnit founder himself.