Meet Aubrey Marcus – men want to be him and women want to be with him. He’s a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, marketer, fitness enthusiast, and New York Times bestselling author who is worth millions. He built his company from nothing to being worth millions. In addition, he has plenty of other sources of income that we’ll be sharing in this article. 

Aubrey Marcus Net Worth (Estimated): $28 million

Early Life

Aubrey Marcus was born on February 28, 1981. He grew up with a very spiritual father whom he has a difficult relationship with. His stepmother was Dr. Janet Zand. His biological mother is Kathy Shubin, who owns Interactive Life Forms with her husband Steve Shubin (they’re better known as the inventors of the Fleshlight).  

After high school, Aubrey didn’t go right off to college like most people. Instead, he went on what he calls a vision quest. His biological father is the one who urged him to go! He went to the mountains with a “mushroom shaman,” who gave him a psychedelic tea that changed his life. 

Aubrey eventually went on to college and graduated from the University of Richmond in 2004.

Fun Fact: Aubrey Marcus’ real name is Michael Aubrey Christopher Marcus. He changed it after his first experience with Ayahuasca after his 30th birthday. He decided to change his name to draw a line of demarcation between his old life and the new life that lay ahead. 

How Has He Made Millions?

Before Starting His First Company

Before starting Onnit, Aubrey had a marketing company with a few clients. His best clients were sex toys because he found that he could sell them easily. He’s famous for working with fleshlight, which his stepfather actually invented! 

Although it can’t be that difficult to create a marketing strategy for male sex toys, Aubrey did an excellent job. 


Onnit is a lifestyle brand based on a holistic health philosophy that Aubrey calls Total Human Optimization. He was inspired by his experience as a multisport athlete. His goal was to create a company that empowered customers to achieve their fullest human potential. In 2011, they launched their first successful product – the Alpha Brain. 

He actually started the company in 2010 making hangover supplements. His first funding of $100,000 came from his friend Bode Miller, an Olympic skier. Aubrey spent most of it trying to market the hangover supplements. However, he invested in Alpha Brain with the last $20,000 and it sold out within 24 hours. In just 5 years, Aubrey had built Onnit into an Inc. 500 company worth $28 million, with 180+ employees. He’s learned to be an excellent leader. The company began with health supplements, but have expanded widely. They also sell apparel, fitness gear, and nutritional products like protein bars. All of their 250+ products are created by the Onnit brand. It’s no surprise that Aubrey Marcus’ net worth has boosted incredibly. 

In addition, there is an Onnit Cafe and Onnit Gym based in Austin, Texas. They also own Black Swan Yoga that has four locations throughout Texas and has won the Best Yoga in Austin, Texas award four times.

The Onnit academy offers certifications in various fitness subjects and cost anywhere from $600–$1000 per 2-day class. There are a total of six different classes that take place at the Onnit Gym. They also put on a variety of free and paid events such as community workout classes and other fitness classes. 

Aubrey’s fairly large social media following helps him promote his business, podcasts, and book. He has nearly 400k followers on Instagram and 100k on Twitter. 

Friendship with Joe Rogan

When learning about the success of Aubrey Marcus, Joe Rogan comes into the picture quickly. Aubrey had listened to Joe’s comedy shows and wanted to meet him because they seemed so similar. They ran into each other at a few UFC events, but the real friendship began when Aubrey scheduled a meeting with him about advertising when Joe first began his podcast. 

They connected deeper at this meeting and Aubrey was invited on his podcast (the Joe Rogan Experience). At one point throughout their relationship, Aubrey asked Joe what kind of supplement he would want. His response? A cognitive enhancer that was based on herbs, plants, and natural ingredients. 

A couple years later, Aubrey launched exactly that and Joe quickly backed it up on his huge podcast. 

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

Aubrey’s motivational podcast is another great source of income. It has been downloaded over 25 million times on iTunes (currently at 1 million downloads per month). He covers plenty of topics including spirituality, athletics, business, science, and relationships. There are hundreds of episodes.

His podcast page states that they ask the important questions: How do we find our purpose, wake up to who we truly are, have a few more laughs, and human being a little better? 

Aside from his own podcast, he has appeared on many other popular podcasts (the Joe Rogan Experience, the Tim Ferriss Show, and more). We hosted him on our own podcast where we talked about many subjects – check it out below! 

Own the Day, Own Your Life

In addition to his podcast, any Aubrey Marcus wiki will mention his New York Times bestselling book called Own the Day, Own Your Life. It was published by HarperCollins and is a motivational book that covers how to improve your life. 

Many transformational programs focus on doing one thing for, say, 30 days. Instead, Aubrey’s book focuses on doing just one day and see how you feel living like that. It could even be one hour at a time and taking it step by step. Many people love his book because of this unique approach.


Aubrey has been featured on the cover of Men’s Health and is also the host of the Fit For Service Mastermind, a spiritual program. He regularly provides commentary to outlets like Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Doctors and The Joe Rogan Experience. 

Aubrey Marcus Wife + Family

One thing Aubrey is known best for is his stance on open relationships. In his podcast, he often talks about navigating an open relationship like he has with his wife Whitney Miller (Miss United States 2012). Aubrey’s relationship podcasts are a great place to learn more about the benefits and reasons why people open up their relationships. 

Aubrey doesn’t have any kids.

Car Accident

On August 11 in 2018, Aubrey was involved in a serious car accident. He had fallen asleep at the wheel of his car on the way to work and crashed into a guard rail. His face was badly sliced open. Although he was offered a surgery to fix his injuries, he denied it and has healed greatly since. This Aubrey Marcus accident was an incredible growing experience for him. 

Spending His Money

Naturally, we want to know how this millionaire spends his money. Although he doesn’t lead too flashy of a lifestyle (he still drives a Mazda), Aubrey likes to indulge on the important things. 


Aubrey lives in a modern mansion in Austin, Texas with his wife. They decked it out with a game room with a wet bar, pool table, dartboards, and pinball machines. The backyard boasts a pool, sundeck, sand volleyball pit, in-ground trampoline, archery range, knife-throwing targets, a disc golf course, and even more.

Charitable Donations

Aubrey is passionate about raising awareness for psychedelic medicine, through organizations like and Heffter Institute. He has raised $90,000 for the cause. Aside from this, we’re unaware of any other charities that Aubrey may support. 

Bottom Line

Aubrey Marcus is an intelligent, open-minded individual that anyone can learn from. His podcasts are interesting – we always learn something new! Overall, we’re impressed with how Aubrey Marcus net worth has been built over the past few years and look forward to seeing his future accomplishments!