Watch the endorsement of Austin Petersen for Senate above. Full transcript below.

I’m Ryan Daniel Moran, and I’m the founder and the CEO of

At, we believe that you make better decisions about your life than any politician can, and that the men and women who make up Washington DC should not be able to tell you what to do with your money, what decisions to make, or how you can or cannot live.

Today our country faces unique challenges, including making healthcare affordable, addressing climate change, avoiding needless wars, and facing an ever expanding government, which attempts to make decisions about your body, your marriage, or your religion.

We believe that the solution to these challenges will come from innovation, entrepreneurship, and free markets, so we can create jobs, drive down prices, and create unique solutions to tough problems.

It is individuals, moms and dads, churchgoers, empowered women, entrepreneurs and individuals who create the change that we need in this world, not government.

That’s why I am proud to announce my support for Austin Petersen for Senate in the state of Missouri.

Yes, it’s early to be talking about politics again, and it’s rare for a pro-small-government organization to get behind any candidate for office, but Austin is a citizen who believes that government exists to limit itself, so that citizens and entrepreneurs are freed up to address our unique challenges together.

It's 2017; our elections should be about principles, not party. In my life, I’ve voted for Democrats, I’ve voted for Republicans, and I’ve voted for other parties too. I’m putting my support behind Austin Petersen because he is a individual committed to liberty, not party lines and not to whoever the president is.

As Americans, we disagree on many things. But we agree on this: Washington D.C. no longer represents us. So instead of fighting over which party to elect to continue down a losing path, let’s unite on simply taking power away from both sides, and electing individuals who will restrict government power.

Sending Austin Petersen to Washington will give Missouri, and all Americans, a representative who believes that the government should get out of bedroom, out of your religion, out of your business, and out of wars.

That’s why I’m asking those of you in Missouri and around the country to support Austin in his run for Senate in the 2018 mid-term election, because he represents those of us who #CreateTheChange. Thank you.