We've all heard the rags-to-riches story of a small business that no one thought could make it but did anyway. But rarely do we hear success stories like Rad Power Bikes. Since launching the business in 2007, this brand has achieved immense success and become one of the most respected brands in the electric bike industry. 

So what is it that makes this brand so unique? And more importantly, what can entrepreneurs learn from this fantastic brand about growing their businesses? Read on to find out!

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What is Rad Power Bike?

This brand offers consumers many options, from commuter bikes to mountain and cargo bikes. They are well-known for their quality and affordability essential in the electric bike market. 

One thing that sets the company apart is its commitment to customer service. They offer a satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer support, contributing to their success.

The company constantly innovates and pushes the envelope regarding bike technology, ensuring their bikes are always up to date with the latest components. They also have various accessories for their models, allowing riders to customize their rides as they see fit.

There's no doubt that Rad Power Bikes is one of the leading electric bike brands on the market, and it's easy to see why. 

Who founded Rad Power Bikes?

There's a sweet story behind the founding of this company. Mike Radenbaugh, the founder and chairman of North America's largest electric bike maker, was once a teenage tinkerer.

He would spend hours in his parent's garage soldering spare parts to an old bicycle to make it down the notoriously hilly 15-mile route from home to school. His innovation has since become a respected brand in the electric bike industry.

What is its origin story?

Mike Radenbaugh was an ambitious high school student searching for a way to get around without relying on his parents. He got the idea of turning traditional bikes into electric ones, and in 2007, he created his first ebike.

His passion for e-bikes grew from then on, and he devoted himself to making e-bikes for local customers that catered to their unique needs. This was the beginning of Rad Power Bikes, which he ran as a single proprietor for many years. In time, his passion and hard work grew into a successful business today.

What made this brand grow?

Besides quality and budget-friendly prices, these bikes are also eco-friendly. With Mike's passion and dedication at the helm, the company quickly grew in popularity, making their electric bikes available worldwide.

Today, the company offers customers a wide range of deals for commuters and adventurers. Their commitment to innovation has also helped them stay ahead of the competition, constantly pushing the boundaries regarding bike technology and available accessories.

How was it funded?

Rad Power Bikes has achieved immense success since its launch in 2007. To fuel this growth, the company received an investment of $150 million in February 2021 and another $154 million in May 2021, making them the most-funded electric bike company in the world.

Investors' massive vote of confidence shows their faith in this brand as a leader in the industry and the potential for e-bikes to be an effective climate solution. It also speaks volumes about its dedication to providing quality products, affordable prices, and excellent customer service.

These investments will undoubtedly help the brand continue to grow and innovate, inspiring other entrepreneurs who will follow them and succeed.

With the necessary funding and a passionate team at the helm, this company is set to make even bigger waves in the electric bike industry. It's an inspiring story that entrepreneurs everywhere can learn from.

What is its valuation?

The current private market value of Rad Power Bikes is $1.4 billion. It has seen incredible growth since its inception. The company has raised over $329 million in venture capital, making it one of the world's leading electric bicycle manufacturers.

This number is expected to grow as investors recognize the potential for e-bikes to be a significant part of climate solutions.

What lessons can entrepreneurs learn from Rad Power Bikes?

It is an example of a successful business and provides valuable lessons for entrepreneurs. Here are some of the vital tasks that can be gleaned from their success:

Focus on customer experience

Rad Power Bikes strongly emphasizes providing exceptional customer service and creating an excellent customer experience. They prioritize building customer relationships and providing them with resources to help get the most out of their bikes, such as tutorials and product advice.

Invest in quality

While the brand offers affordable e-bikes, they focus on quality. Their bikes are made with durable materials and constructed to last for years without frequent maintenance or repairs.

Don't be afraid to innovate

Rad Power Bikes introduced the first affordable electric bikes. They have consistently pushed the envelope with their products, introducing more innovative features and designs that keep them ahead of the curve.

Think outside the box

There's no doubt that Rad Power Bikes has been successful due to its founder's willingness to take risks and think outside the box. They have demonstrated a solid commitment to sustainability and innovation, which has helped them stand out in the crowded electric bike market.

By following the example of Rad Power Bikes, entrepreneurs can enjoy similar business success. Risk Taking and thinking outside the box are crucial for heads up in the competition and providing customers with an exceptional experience.


What are Rad Power Bikes?

Rad Power Bikes is a consumer-direct ebike company founded in 2007. Its mission is to make bikes accessible and affordable for everyone. With an extensive line of electric bicycles, Rad Power Bikes meets the needs of riders looking to move around town quickly and easily or explore the outdoors on two wheels. 

The company offers high-quality bikes that are reliable, easy to use, and customizable. It designs its own electric drive systems, frames, and components, making them the most advanced in the industry. 

What type of e-bikes does Rad Power Bikes offer?

Rad Power Bikes specializes exclusively in Class 2 electric bikes, meaning they are pedal-assists with a maximum speed of 20 mph.

All their bikes have a battery lasting 45-50 miles per charge. This depends on the power applied, the riding surface, and the rider and load's weight combined. Additionally, they provide an unrivaled satisfaction guarantee and a vast selection of alternatives for commuters and explorers.

How much do Rad Power Bikes cost?

There's a range of options to suit different budgets. Their RadRover 6 Plus High-Step is one of their most popular models, costing $2,099. The RadRunner 2 is available for just $1,499 for those looking for something more budget-friendly. All their bikes come with an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee, so you can be guaranteed to get a high-end bike that will last for years.

Does Rad Power Bikes offer a warranty?

Yes, the following conditions apply to all Rad Power Bikes ("RPB") electric bicycles (the "e-bikes"). Each of their individual Covered Components (as defined below) is purchased in the European Union and the United Kingdom for two years following the date of a qualifying purchase (the "Warranty Period").

What type of support does Rad Power Bikes offer?

Rad Power Bikes provides a range of helpful support services for its customers. They have an online help center with tutorials and product advice to help riders get the most out of their bikes.

More so, their product support team can troubleshoot any maintenance issues remotely. Most service providers in Rad Power's network can also work on all Rad Power Bikes, so you can relax knowing your bike is in qualified care.


Rad Power Bikes has successfully created a creative brand, has an inspiring mission, and receives support from others. Although we may try to replicate the success of Rad Power Bikes or another company, we should remember that it takes hard work, innovation, and courage to have such achievements.

Entrepreneurs should take risks and embrace uncertainty to create something memorable. We must venture beyond our comfort zones and take measured risks to face failure, succeed, and grab any opportunity. After all, entrepreneurs are the most passionate people driven by their ideas, which can bring incredible impact.

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