Ah, you're curious about Ritual, aren't you? Let me tell you, you're in for a treat. This is not your everyday wellness brand. It's a force that took the vitamin industry by storm, shook things up, and left us all wondering, "Why didn't we think of that?"

But what if I told you that the real genius isn't what's on the outside but what lies within? Ritual isn't just about making a splash—it's about creating a wave of change. It's about setting a new standard for transparency in an industry that, let's be honest, could use a bit more of it.

In this case study, we're going to open up the hood and take a good look at the engine that drives Ritual. We'll dive into the bold strategies that propelled them from an audacious start-up to the household name they are today. From their science-backed formulations to their brazen approach to marketing, we'll leave no stone unturned.

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What is Ritual?

Ritual is a Culver City-based multivitamin and nutritional supplement retailer, famous for its high-quality ingredients and appealing product designs. Operating on a monthly subscription model, Ritual offers a hassle-free shopping experience with free delivery and a money-back guarantee across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Beyond its array of multivitamins, Ritual's product line includes protein powders suitable for individuals at all life stages. They also offer prenatal and postnatal supplements, as well as a unique 'synbiotic'—a supplement that combines prebiotics and probiotics. With this impressive assortment, Ritual has established itself as an attractive and superior choice for those wishing to enhance their daily health routines.

Who founded Ritual?

At the helm of this health-tech company is founder and CEO Katerina Markov Schneider, a resident of Malibu, California. Schneider, along with Elizabeth Reifsnyder, the company's President, and COO, is on a mission to redefine traditional notions of supplements.

What is Ritual's origin story?

The inception of Ritual stems from a personal journey. During her pregnancy, Schneider realized that her multivitamins contained potentially harmful ingredients. Teaming up with Dr. Luke Bucci, Schneider conducted thorough research on women's diets. This led her to launch Ritual in 2016, aiming to identify and provide the essential vitamins women Ritual secured $10.5 million in Series A financing.

As stated on Ritual's website, Schneider says, 

"I founded Ritual with the belief that better health begins with better ingredients. Our customers know the origins of our ingredients and why they are included. While some may label this as obsessiveness, we call it traceability."

How was Ritual funded?

The financial backbone of Ritual, a multivitamin company, is a blend of venture capital funding and sales revenue.

Notably, Ritual raised millions in Series A funding led by Forerunner Ventures in 2017, followed by multiple subsequent investment rounds that included notable investors such as Founders Fund and Norwest Venture Partners. This achievement meant that Ritual secured over $15 million in funding in its inaugural year. In 2019, the company raised an additional $25 million in a Series B funding round led by Lisa Wu at Norwest. Notable participants included Kirsten Green at Forerunner Ventures and Brian Singerman at Founders Fund.

Aside from funding, Ritual generates revenue through product sales via its website and retail partnerships. In 2021, it reported over $100 million in annual net sales. Ritual's customers can subscribe to monthly multivitamin deliveries, a convenient model that contributes to the company's revenue stream. Additionally, Ritual invests in research and development to create multivitamins that supplement nutrients often lacking in modern diets.

What made Ritual grow?

Here are the key factors that have established the Ritual brand:

  1. Vision: Katerina Schneider's drive for ingredient transparency in the supplement industry quickly garnered support, shaping one of the primary goals of the Ritual brand. This vision transformed Ritual from a mere pharmaceutical business to a movement aiming to educate supplement consumers.
  2. Research: Despite conceptualizing Ritual in 2015, it took another year to develop a functional business model. Schneider initially invested her time in research, consulting dietitians, nutritionists, and gynecologists to understand the essential components of her products. Ritual's team continues to conduct similar studies, refining the quality of their offerings.
  3. Marketing Strategy: Ritual's innovative marketing approach, including social media and influencer partnerships, has allowed the company to stand out in a saturated market. These strategies have helped them surpass competitors and build a loyal customer base. In addition, Ritual's aesthetically pleasing branding sets it apart.
  4. Product Transparency: Ritual's steadfast commitment to high-quality products and operational transparency has significantly boosted its growth. Their website provides detailed ingredient information, ensuring customers know exactly what they are consuming.
  5. Targeted Audience: Ritual primarily ships its online retail products to Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. While this may appear limiting, such geographical specificity can lead to cost reduction for a growing company like Ritual, which relies heavily on funding.

As of April 2023, Ritual has acquired over one million customers and sold more than 10 million multivitamin bottles, according to company data. Its unique approach to multivitamins, robust branding and marketing strategies, and an unwavering commitment to quality and transparency fueled its growth.

What is Ritual's Valuation?

According to the latest reports, Ritual stands at a staggering valuation of anywhere between $88—132m

What lessons can entrepreneurs learn from the Ritual brand story?

If you’re wondering what segregates Ritual from other multivitamins brands. Here’s a list of the unique features that the brand exhibits. This enables entrepreneurs to extract the most valuable lessons from the success of Ritual multivitamins:

1. Identify a gap in the market: Ritual identified a gap in the vitamin industry. Many consumers had found the industry's lack of transparency and quality in their vitamins frustrating. Ritual's founders saw an opportunity to establish a company that was transparent about its ingredients and sourcing, and this has been a key factor in their success. They bridged the gap that several other businesses failed to tackle.

2. Focus on branding: Ritual has created a strong brand identity that resonates with its target audience. From its minimalist packaging to its social media presence, Ritual has built a brand that stands out in a crowded market.

You can spot Ritual products by their distinctive bright yellow color, beginning with its visual aesthetic. The predominant feature on the website, packaging, and even profile pictures across various social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter is the color which also represents the company's identity.

3. Invest in research and development: Ritual has invested heavily in research and development to create a product backed by science. This has helped to build trust with consumers who are looking for evidence-based products.

Entrepreneurs can gain valuable insights from Ritual's triumphs by spotting market voids, prioritizing branding, and allocating resources to research and development.


What are the main products of Ritual?

Ritual is a health company that creates multivitamins for women. Their products are designed to be transparent, effective, and convenient. Ritual multivitamins are made with high-quality ingredients that are traceable and non-GMO.

Ritual sells multivitamins for men and women, prenatals, postnatals, pre- and post-biotics, and vitamins for kids and teens. Plus, they have a skincare line and plant-based protein powder.

How does Ritual’s multivitamin compare to other brands?

To verify whether the labeled content makes up the product, the brand conducts tests for identification, purity, vitality, and composition. Moreover, third-party testing for pollutants and toxic substances, including heavy metals, is also conducted. The website also provides details on why each ingredient was chosen, as well as studies to back up those ingredient choices. This simple but profound production strategy separates Ritual from some of its major competitors. 

  • VitaFive offers custom gummy vitamin packs on a subscription basis. 
  • myAir develops a functional personal superfood for monitoring and managing stress management. 
  • Care/of operates as an online retailer. It provides personalized vitamins and supplements.
  • Zenamins are vitamins reinvented, personalized, and designed for the consumer.
  • Brainiac Supplements is the maker of Study Buddy, a doctor-recommended, nutrient-based study aid made with natural ingredients
  • Bulu Box is a premium vitamin and supplement sample subscription company based in Lincoln, Nebraska, and founded in 2012. 

Ritual's brilliance lies in its ability to combine all these components into a narrative that provides an enjoyable educational journey for customers, making them overlook their traditional vitamin supplements.

What is the purpose of Ritual’s “My Ritual” feature?

The Ritual multivitamin has a unique ritual feature that sets it apart from other multivitamins on the market. This feature is the use of delayed-release capsules, which are designed to release the nutrients in the multivitamin gradually throughout the day, rather than all at once.

These capsules are made from vegan-friendly ingredients and are designed to be easy to swallow. They are also free from any synthetic fillers or colorants, making them a clean and trustworthy choice for those who are aiming to add a high-quality multivitamin to their diet.

In addition to the delayed-release capsules, the Ritual multivitamin also contains a range of essential nutrients that are carefully selected to support overall health and well-being. These include vitamins D3, K2, B12, and E, as well as omega-3 fatty acids and magnesium.

Overall, the ritual feature of the Ritual multivitamin is its use of delayed-release capsules, which help to ensure that the nutrients in the multivitamin are released slowly and steadily throughout the day. This can help to optimize absorption and ensure that the body is able to make the most of these essential nutrients.

What types of rituals does Ritual offer?

Ritual multivitamin offers several types of rituals that cater to different needs and preferences.

Firstly, they offer Essential for Women 18+ which is a multivitamin that provides nine essential nutrients that women tend to lack the most. These nutrients include Vitamin B12, Folate, Iron, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, Boron, Vitamin E, Magnesium, and Omega-3.

Secondly, they have Essential Prenatal which is designed for women who are trying to conceive or are already pregnant. It contains 12 essential nutrients, including Folate, Iron, Omega-3, Vitamin B12, Choline, and Vitamin D3.

Men's nutritional requirements are often unfulfilled, which is why a supplement named Essential for Men, consisting of nine essential nutrients to combat this deficiency, has been introduced. The list contains crucial nutrients, which include Omega-3, Methylfolate, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Boron, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K2.

Ritual's range of multivitamins is guaranteed to be vegan-friendly and does not contain any harmful substances or potential allergens.

How does Ritual ensure product traceability and quality?

  1. Ritual obtains its components from reputable suppliers who have been thoroughly vetted. The company strictly works with suppliers who meet its stringent quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing standards. This assures that Ritual's components are of the greatest quality and devoid of pollutants.
  2. Ritual tracks its products throughout the supply chain using advanced technology. Each vitamin bottle is given a unique code that can be traced back to the precise batch of components used to make it. This enables the team to rapidly detect any flaws or defects and, if necessary, take preventative measures.
  3. Third, Ritual tests its goods extensively to guarantee they fulfill its high quality and purity criteria. Third-party labs are used to assess the potency, purity, and pollutants, such as heavy metals and pesticides in the company's products. This assures that every vitamin bottle that leaves Ritual's facilities is both safe and effective.

In addition to these measures, Ritual also contains a group of specialists who supervise each aspect of product production. From sourcing material to bundling and shipping, every step is carefully checked to guarantee that the ultimate product meets the company's high standards.

By and large, Ritual's commitment to item traceability and quality is obvious in each aspect of its operations. By executing strict standards, advanced innovation, broad testing, and master oversight, the company guarantees that its clients get as it were the finest vitamins and supplements.


Ritual's extraordinary evolution from its humble beginnings to its current standing as a trailblazing vitamin brand is truly commendable. In response to the ever-shifting world of health and wellness, Ritual has consistently prioritized providing its users with a safe, honest, and effective journey toward better health.

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