Welcome to 2017! This episode of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast is all about predictions — revisiting predictions made last year and making new ones for the new year.

What should Amazon sellers be aware of? What shifts might the economy take under Donald Trump's presidency? And what about the upcoming baseball season? This episode covers those questions and more.

First, Amazon selling isn't the wild west anymore. There are more Amazon sellers than before, and large brands are taking advantage of the business opportunity. And yet, launching a new product on Amazon can still be effective so long as you properly build your brand before you launch. So how do you do that? Listen to the podcast to find out.

Next, we are fast approaching the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump and the beginning of his administration. The most likely actions Trump will take early in his presidency are those that are unifying, bringing those from across the political spectrum to a central position for cooperative collaboration. Wondering what that might look like in terms of health care, government policy, and foreign affairs? Tune in to the podcast.

Now, last year's prediction that the economy would nose dive didn't quite come true. However, a correction is still needed. Companies are still over valued, the real estate market prices are through the roof, and the path our economy is on is unsustainable. So, the expectation is for the downward turn to come in 2017. Why? Listen to the podcast.

Finally, there are some new things happening with Freedom Fast Lane in 2017. New episodes, new guests, new voices. More details coming soon!

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