Leading a business to wild success isn’t easy, but there is one man who makes it easier for your company: Cameron Harold.

Known as “The $100m Man,” Harold makes exponential business growth a reality. In this podcast with host Ryan Moran, Harold opens up about the simple cultural reforms an office can make to experience a positive transformation.

Ensuring a stellar business culture is one of the most crucial aspects of reaching maximum profitability, according to Harold.

“The $100m Man” runs the COO Alliance, which works as an exclusive leadership brain trust for one’s company. It is Harold’s job to coach business leaders and industry tycoons on how to fix broken operations and therefore ensure an explosion in production levels.

“I know how to change culture, and how to teach them the entrepreneurial systems to grow. In almost every single case I know nothing about my customers business, but I know the business of business,” Harold said.

Business culture trumps business strategy.

The roles of business leaders is not to micromanage, but to hire top-tier talent into positions in which they can flourish. This means that the business leaders ensure cultural development, according to Harold.

“There is nothing wrong with meetings except that people don’t know how to run them,” he said.

It’s poisonous to a business’ culture to waste time in physical meetings, but Harold illustrates how written communication can be just as wasteful. From replying to unnecessary emails, misconstruing the intentions of language via email, or being CC’d on chains impertinent to one’s role can waste large chunks of an employee’s time.

And according to Harold, poor business cultures – like ones that waste time on unnecessary communication – repel top-tier talent.

“People will walk away from more pay for a better company,” he said.

In this insightful podcast, Cameron Harold illustrates the simple steps to wild success for entrepreneurs. Considering Harold's role as the coach of the second-in-command at Sprint, his expertise is reflects the true demands of a workplace difficult to navigate in the days of technological integration.

Outline Of This Episode

  • [0:04] Ryan’s good news and bad news.
  • [0:45] Who is Cameron Herold and why Ryan invited him to Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2016.
  • [3:19] Why Cameron says small businesses are not hard to build anymore.
  • [6:33] Why scaling a business is all about the people you build the business on.
  • [10:10] How Cameron attracts A level players and gets rid of C level players.
  • [13:27] Why people will walk away from more play for a better company to work for.
  • [15:41] The magic of making necessary meetings effective.
  • [19:12] How Cameron creates a great team culture in remote teams.
  • [24:18] What you should of if your brain doesn’t work in these kinds of structures.
  • [30:55] How to find A players for your organization.
  • [32:11] How does the organizational structure need to change to scale the business larger?
  • [35:32] What Cameron will bring to Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2016.

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